Making Felted Soap

Making Felted Soap

I have a show coming up soon and I am almost out of felted soap. They are always popular at Christmas time.

Here you can see some of my bins of small amounts of different colours, the pieces of nylon stocking I use for felting in and the first soap wrapped up in wool.

first a wrap a thin strip of wool around the edge of the soap then roll it up in a wider strip of roving. Next I pic a complementary or contrasting colour to wrap around the soap. I usually do a spiral from one side to the other.

I use small pieces of nylon stocking to put the wool in for felting. It’s the only thing I use nylons for these days. The reason I put the soap and wool bundle in a stocking is to keep it under control. the first thing that happens when you wet the wool is it gets bigger and its hard to keep it all in place.

Here is a soap with some silk added. this is silk roving that is teased apart. I also us pieces of silk hanky to give it a marble like appearance.

I managed to get this far yesterday but I didn’t manage to get them felted. so here is a picture of a different batch all finished. there are 2 with silk hanky on them.

That’ s the way I do it. If you have any questions or tales of soap making tell us about it.

7 thoughts on “Making Felted Soap

  1. Hi Ann,
    Love your soaps! The nylons are a nifty idea. I’ve gone and made lots and lots of felted soaps, most people around here haven’t heard of them, or felting in general so at the fairs I’ve done they’ve been very popular. My method to keep them together before wetting is to needle felt the covering a bit, then wrap the soap (like gift wrap with paper) then quickly needle the overlapped edges together. It makes it so much faster to felt them in the water! By the time I’m about halfway through felting the 50 or so soaps at the sink, I’m asking, whose idea was this anyway?? But it gets done and they are all so pretty together, like yours.
    -Nancy in Northern California

  2. Oh pretty soaps Ann, this reminded me that i havent made any felted soaps for ages so must get to and make some, when i’ve made them before i basically use Lyn’s method of covering each with net. Think i might do that this weekend 🙂

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