Printing, Stenciling, and Playing with Thickened Dye on Felt

Learn to make thickened dye and then use it to make designs on felt or silk. Create your own unique designs with stamps, stencils and stuff found around your house. This course will teach you to experiment and play with thickened dye.

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The third module of Embellishing Felt with Surface Design Techniques – A Mixed Media Approach is Printing, Stenciling and Playing with Thickened Dye on Felt. The cost for the 4 week course is $45.00 (US). The next offering of the course is October 6, 2017. To register for the course, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Stenciled Waterlily on Felt

What you will learn:

How to make a print board
How to make thickened dye
How to transfer your designs
Choosing what designs are appropriate for stencils and stamps
Creating stencils from a variety of supplies
Cutting and burning stencils
Creating stamps from a variety of supplies
Cutting a linoleum type stamp
Burning a stamp from insulation foam
Looking at items around the house with a new eye for use in creating patterned felt
How to play with thickened dye
How to stamp and stencil with thickened dye on to felt

Stenciling fish

Supply List Stencil, Print, Play

Course work will be supplied in PDF format, a link to view the PDF online will be provided on the class website, where you can then download it to keep. Videos will be available on the website throughout the class but not available to download. You will be given a link to the online Class website once you have registered. The forum will have sections for students to show their work and ask questions, and also a section specifically for asking the instructor questions. The instructor will visit the forum every day.

The Start date for this class is Friday, October, 6 2017. The cost is US$45.00 for the 4 week course with an extra 2 weeks of instructor support following the class. You will be billed/invoiced by PayPal and the vendor name on the bill will be The Purple Pomegranate. Class sizes are limited to 50. A supply list, a Website Navigation PDF, and an Adding Photos to the Forum PDF will be attached to the Paypal invoice for your convenience.


If you are interested in taking this class in the future, please fill out the contact us form with the name of the class and your name and email address will be added to the class email notification list.

21 Responses to Printing, Stenciling, and Playing with Thickened Dye on Felt

  1. Jane Altobelli says:

    I’m interested. When would this course be offered? How much would it be?

    • ruthlane says:

      Hi Jane,

      I am still working on the last 3 modules including this one. It will probably be next spring (2016) when this one is offered. It will be $45 like all the other modules. It will be announced on this website when the class is being offered.


  2. I’m interested in this too.

    • ruthlane says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t started on this module yet. These take me quite a bit of work and time to get them finished. Longer than I expected, sorry.

    • No problem – I do a lot of thermofax printing on felt, so I’m interested in exploring new ideas around printing.

    • ruthlane says:

      You might be interested in the screen printing class. I have it almost ready so it will be in early 2016. It has a lot of experimental techniques that you might enjoy.

  3. I might just be still around in 2046, but I’m not sure I’ll be taking classes !

  4. Cheryl Dempsey says:

    Has this class been offered yet? If not I would be very interested in taking it.

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  6. Jo says:

    Hi just wondering if you have a date for the next class for thickened dyes please

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  8. kwlorraine says:

    Looking forward to this class Printing, Stenciling, and Playing with Thickened Dye on Felt

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  11. Sandra Flickstein says:

    I would be interested in this class whe offered again. Please let me know. I am new to nuno Felting and wants to learn as much as possible.

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