Felted Concertina Hat with Teri Berry

Felted Concertina Hat with Teri Berry

The price for this course is $110 NZ (approx. £55 GBP, $70 US, $90 Canadian, €59, $100 AUD) and the number of places will be limited to 30 students. Please see below for the next course dates. To register for this class, please fill out the contact form below.

This hat making course will start with a walk through the different options for hat blocks (from DIY to the extravagant!), which ones to avoid and choosing one to fit. This module will be available upon receipt of payment for the class so you have as much time as possible to make or buy a hat block if you don’t already have one before the felting fun begins!

The first felting tutorial will focus on making a stylish or quirky concertina hat and will include guidance on how to create a resist for your head size, how to add a felted “pig tail”, creating a brim and forming sharp folds that remain in place. I will also describe how I blend colours and make the “silk stripes” used on some of my hats.

From the next tutorial we will make a super-cute snail hat. This tutorial is a must for anyone who hates rolling! I will provide my template for you to enlarge to your hat size.  I will explain how to make the eyes on stalks and securely attach them to the hat as well as well as how to create the shell and shape snail’s “foot” to form a brim for your hat.

In the final tutorial I will provide examples of other hats and their template designs that used the concertina method which you are welcome to copy or, if you prefer, I am very happy to help you design your own hat using this method. The possibilities are almost endless!

Materials List Concertina Hat Class

Click on the link above for a PDF required materials list for the class.

The content of this workshop is suitable for felters with some experience, you do not need to have made a hat before but if you are confident making felt pods, bowls, bags etc. over a resist you will be able to make these hats. If you have any questions about this course please drop me a line here.


Next Class Dates

This class runs once per year:

Registration opens on 1st July

The first tutorial will be posted on the third Thursday of July, the remaining tutorials will be posted the following Thursdays for 2 weeks.

The class forum will remain open for you to share your work and ask questions until the end of April / November respectively (you will have approximately 6 weeks in total to make your hats, post photos for feedback and ask questions).

Dates subject to change without notice.

To register for this class, please fill out the form below:

Registration for this course is now closed for the 2023 session. If you would like to be notified of the next open registration, please fill out the contact us form here with the name of the class in the comments section.