Upcoming Online Courses

It’s hard to believe but we are coming to the end of 2016. I hope you all had a great year. We had a great bunch of online classes this year and we have a tentative schedule for 2017. The first class available is my Experimental Screen Printing class. It will begin January 6, 2016 and is $45. For more information and to sign up for the class, click here.

Screen Printed Felt Journals by Ruth Lane

These are a few journals that I created with screen printed felt. You can also check out what some of my students created in the last screen printing class. You can also use these screen printing techniques to decorate your own silk fabric for nuno felting.

Fish 1

There will also be a Felting Fantasy Fish course with Galina Titova in January but we already have more than 20 students on the waiting list for this course. If there are any open registrations available once the waiting list has a chance to register, I will open the class for other students to register. Galina plans on having two more sessions in 2017, one in March and one in September. If you’re interested in a future class, please fill out our contact us form with the class name and month in the comments box. Take a look at the fantastic fish created by students in her first class.

Felted Concertina Hat by Teri Berry

Teri Berry will be repeating her Concertina Hat class in 2017 in early spring, most likely April. If you’re interested in taking her hat class, please fill out our contact us form with the class name in the comments box. You can see some wonderful hats created by her students here. Teri just completed another hat class so the student page will be updated soon with new student hats. Teri is also creating a new course in felted bags. Watch this space for more details. She hopes to offer the class in February or March.


Our Wet Felting for Beginners course is always available. There is more information here and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to register.

These courses would make a perfect holiday gift. Let your loved ones know that you’d like to take one of these online courses and we’ll get you signed up!


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Finishing the Panels

Last week I showed you two large panels I made using scraps.  Since then I created three more.

One long panel.

20161116_145808  20161118_122459

20161118_122511Two short ones.

20161116_145815 20161118_122422


20161118_122349 20161118_122404

Here they are laid out on the floor.



Here’s the final project.

20161204_142831 20161204_143117 20161204_143049 20161204_143029 20161204_143002 20161204_142938 20161204_142841


So, whats underneath?

My Simplicity Needle Felting Machine naked.  Sorry about the lighting, this was our first snow and kind of cloudy.

Now you see it.

20161204_142455Now you don’t.


I was amazed that I got the sizes right.  I purposely left the edges organic.  Its a little lopsided but the top of the machine is narrower than the bottom.  Now I can change it around for a different look when the mood strikes.

Did you see that coming?

We have three spots left for sponsorship to keep our forum ad free, if you’re interested, please visit the forum and leave a response under 2017 Sponsorhips.  Thanks!

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Giveaway Winner and Some Photos

Thanks a lot to everyone who entered the giveaway last week, and thanks for all the really nice comments. The winner of The Right Fibre e-book is balexa75. Congratulations! I’ll send a link to the email address you used to comment so you can download the book.

balexaI made a few pieces of fibrey, textured felt recently, and got a bit carried away taking photos of them, so I thought I’d just share some of the photos with you today.


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Felted Sheep Class

This last weekend I was teaching a needle felted sheep class. I had 5 ladies in the class and as usual I forgot to take as many pictures as I should. I should hire a photographer I am always to busy.

I showed them how to make the legs by needle felting and then showed them how to make a wet felted snake you can make legs faster and easier if you want to make a small flock.


They did really well, with very little finger poking. After needling all the parts together in to naked sheep, they all picked their colours form the containers of Blue Faced Lester curls I brought so their sheep could get their wool.


img_4833 img_4834 img_4835 img_4836 sheep-4

Four were completely done at the end of class. I love theses little sheep they all have their own personalities.

img_4839 img_4838 img_4840

One was not quite done and will be finished at home. For the moment we decided he was staggering  home from a drunken bust up at the local pub.


This is probably the last time I will teach this class and the 5 ladies made it a fun class to finish with. I few other talented ladies are going to take over the needle felting classes at the guild.  This suits me as I don’t needle felt much anymore and prefer wet felting.

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Free Motion Stitched Felt Leaf Cards

I wrote a post about these felt leaves on my Permutations in Fiber blog and asked for ideas for what people would do with them. I got loads of good ideas but I decided the easiest one for me to do was making greeting cards out of them as suggested by Terri Berry. Thanks Terri for the great idea.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Leaf Cards

I have lots of colored paper, most from screen printing with thickened dye. Many times I rinse the paper after screen printing so that the dye won’t run if I use other wet media on top. Since I wasn’t going to use any wet media on these, I just left them. They are a much more vibrant hue without rinsing.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Eucalyptus Leaf Card

Each card is different but I mainly used two sets of printed papers.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Rhomboid Leaf Card

I used fusible to attach the paper to the card.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Ovate Leaf Card

I hand stitched the felt leaves down to the paper before fusing.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Oak Leaf Card

I really like how these turned out and that the leaf is not completely attached around the edges.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Falcate Leaf Card

The back side of the felt was printed but didn’t turn out too well. This leaf is the back side of the felt.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Elliptic Leaf CardI looked up different leaf shapes online so I would make a variety. This leaf was inspired by one of Lyn’s (RosiePink) leaf bowls.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Digitate Leaf Card

Here’s the last one with the gold and blue paper.

Felt Free Motion Stitched Palmate Leaf Card

I ran out of the paper I was using so I decided to use this screen printed paper from one of Louise’s deconstructed screens. It really gives a sense of motion to the card, don’t you think? These cards were put into cellophane and will be off to the shop for sale. I’m a little late for autumn but better late than never. Perhaps I should make some felt stitched snowflakes for the winter season?

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Creating Panels for a New Project

I had such a good time using my scraps and embellishments for my coupon case, I decided to do a larger project using panels.  And using up more of my scraps.

Here is the first large panel.  I started on white prefelt and added  bits of leftover batts creating a cloud effect for the background..


Then I added silk selvage, pieces of cheesecloth, silk pieces,  scraps of scarves, metallic fabric, yarns and a little of this and that, topped with threads  and a bit of wool wisps to secure the threads.


The next panel I forgot to take a pic of the cloud background.  But for this one I used silk selvedge, silk scraps, cheesecloth, boucle yarn bits, mohair, prefelt offcuts, and pieces of leftover roving amongst other things including threads.


It was fun just picking out things from bags and literally throwing it on. The textures are great.



20161116_144517 20161116_144529

I love the way the threads cross over and look like roadmaps.

Here is the first one finished with closeups.

20161116_144611 20161116_144649 20161116_144633

I was surprised the prefelt just grabbed everything.  I had to shave each panel to get some of the glittery stuff to shine again.

Three more panels to go, so stay tuned.

Have you done your 4th Quarter Challenge yet?


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e-book Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I showed a photo of a fibre sampler I made at the well being centre, made with all staple fibres. Last week we made ones using lots of embellishment fibre tops, from Left to Right: Ingeo, Hemp, Viscose, Ramie, Soy, Flax, Bamboo, Banana

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a closer look:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUsing lots of fibres gave me the idea to do a Giveaway of my e-book, The Right Fibre.

The Right Fibre smallIt isn’t a project based book- I don’t tell you how I think you should use fibres, it’s an objective look at them.  I profile 20 different embellishment fibres, and show lots of photos of how they look after felting in various ways, so it’s easy to compare them with each other and see similarities and differences.

compilation 1There is also a section detailing various things which affect the way a fibre will felt and look after felting, so by the end you have the information you need to choose the right fibre and give you more control over the outcome.

compilation 2For more information, have a look at the full blurb on my blog. To win a free copy of The Right Fibre, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. If you’d like to spread the word through your blog or facebook etc, it would be very much appreciated but it isn’t a requirement. I will randomly draw the winner 8 days from now on Saturday 3rd Dec 2016, so please check back to see if you’ve won. Good Luck!

compilation 3The Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

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