Art Project

This year is Canada’s 150th birthday. The guild I belong to is having an art show in celebration. We are making 150 12×12 canvases. Some are covering them in weaving or yarn or fiber pictures. I naturally am doing some felt pieces. I told you about one before.


The second one is sheep.

I started with 2 layers or merino prefelt. I put a piece of cotton gauze in between for strength.


I then used head cut outs to decide on the positions of the sheep.


Then I added all the curls. The white and multi coloured sheep are Blue Faced Leicester. One of the others is Gotland, one is Wensleydale and the other I can’t remember. I added the legs and ears.


Once it was felted the legs and heads disappeared a lot so I had to fix  them with needle felting.  I then mounted it on a 12×12 canvas using velcro. I forgot to take a picture of them finished  with faded heads and legs. And then I forgot to take a picture of it finished because it had to go to get its picture taken. Fortunately Judy sent me one of the pictures she took so I can show it to you.


Judy sent me to close ups too

annwhitesheep-1 sheep1close-1

Now all I have to write up the info for the show and  decide on a price to put on it.

If you Are Canadian are you doing anything fibery to celebrate this special year? If you are not Canadian what did you do to celebrate a big event in your country or town?





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Spring Online Classes

We have several online classes coming up this spring. Don’t miss out! You can sign up now.

Stitched Felt Painting

The fourth module of  Embellishing Felt with Surface Design – A Mixed Media Approach, Free Motion Machine Stitching on Felt is finally ready. The class will begin March 17, 2017. Learn to use your sewing machine to embellish your felt including basic techniques, how to include stitching before felting both with machine lace techniques and stitching on prefelt, add thread sketching to your felt, learn a sure-fire way to transfer your design on to felt, add machine stitching to felt paintings and more. For more information and to sign up, click here.

If you want to learn how to add machine stitch to your felting repertoire, this is the class for you. The techniques are specifically designed to include in the felting process and to embellish felt after it’s completed. It’s a great value for only $45 US for this four week online course which included PDF’s and loads of videos. Register here.

Felted Concertina Hat by Teri Berry

Teri Berry is offering another session of Felting Concertina Hats. The class will begin on February 24, 2017 and registration closes on February 21, 2017. So hurry to register here to learn how to make some funky hats and improve your 3D felting skills.

Felted Snail Hat by Teri Berry

Have you seen all the hats that prior students have made? You can take a look at those here.  The variety is amazing and Teri is a great teacher so go sign up now!

Fish 1

Galina Titova’s Felting Fantasy Fish has been a big hit. We have had a waiting list for every class. She is offering another session beginning March 1, 2017. The class is limited to 20 spaces so registration is on a first come, first served basis. Register here.

Fish 2

You will learn some great surface design techniques as you learn to felt these fun fish. Take a look at the student gallery here. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.


If these courses sound exciting but you are just a beginner, our beginners course is always available. Learn the basics of felt making and have unlimited access to the course material and continuous tutor support. Register here.

We would really appreciate it if you would spread the word about our online courses. Please share on your Facebook page or on other social media. We appreciate your help! And if you are interested in teaching an online course, please contact us with your ideas.


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Happy Valentine’s Day

I know its a day late, so I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day with their loved ones.

I decided this year to make my granddaughter, Lisa, a little heart purse.  She likes to put things in containers and take them out.

I used a heart shaped resist and two layers on each side. I know it’s not a perfect heart shape. Its hard to get sharp corners.


When it was dry, I used some white bamboo yarn and couched her name on the purse.


I added a ribbon for a handle with a bow at the top.  Inside I sewed the ribbon down the sides to give it a little strength.



Then finally I put in a little box of chocolates with a Beagle on it.  While she probably won’t be able to eat the chocolate, she’ll get a kick out of the dog which looks like her doggie sister Koyuki.  Sorry about the dark picture it looked much lighter on my camera screen.


I’m working on my challenge piece which is taking longer than expected so I needed something short and sweet for today.  😉

Did you do something felt related for Valentine’s Day?

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White Nuno Texture

I took some close up photos of the white textured nuno piece I showed last week. I used a few different types of cotton fabrics: some cotton gauze-single pieces and folded over, some scrim, cheesecloth, some natural muslin, somecotton fabric from an old sack which was thicker than muslin, but thinner than calico (any ideas?). Here are close ups of the cotton parts:




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI used some synthetic chiffon, I liked these ripples:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also used some silk crepe:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI used similar fabrics on a larger piece, and also used some bleached Muslin (very white pieces) and a scrap of crumpled habotai silk:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can see the textures better on an angle:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really like the extreme textures and wonder what other single colours would look good.

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Spiked Hat Class

Last month I taught the spiked hat class at the Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild. I had 6 wonderful students. Some did hats with brims and some did hats with folded up bottoms. As usual I did not take as many pictures as I should.



hat-2 hat-2-rolling


Notice how she is putting dots on the inside of the hat so they will show later on the outside.


And lastly the finished hats. one person did not get the spiral for the spike to warp around in finished in class. I offered to stay but she said she would do it at home. I would like to see a finished picture of it. the paten around it was quite nice.

group-shot group-shot-2

Everyone liked making their spikes and learning how to attach them and then shaping in the swirl for it to lay in.  The spick does need to be tacked in place so it stays put or when you bend over it falls out. All in all a good class.


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1st Quarter Challenge – Fauvism Interpretation

I was attracted to the Fauvism movement due to its simplicity and bright, saturated colors. But when it got down to creating a felt piece, I was a bit stuck. I decided I would use prefelt to keep the simplicity of shapes. I used only the prefelt that I already had so I was a bit limited in my color choices. I decided to do a basic landscape and didn’t use an inspirational photo as I normally would. Sorry, but I forgot to take a photo of the layout.

Felted Fauvism ChallengeHere’s the piece after felting. I used a thick thin yarn for the detail in the foreground. I liked it but I decided it was a bit boring and needed further detail in the foreground.

Adding Tree Shapes

So I added a line of trees. This is felt that I had dyed and used Color Magnet on but it didn’t work out too well. So I cut out the tree shapes and hand appliqued them in place. But it still needed a bit more. I got out my hand dyed wool thread to see what I could add with hand stitching.

Fauvism Mountain Range

I outlined the mountains and added some orange for a nice contrast to the blue moon.

I then added some bright green to accentuate the trees. My husband thought they were leaves before I added the stitching so I wanted to make the stitching look like branches and not veins in leaves.

Completed Fauvism Challenge Piece

I added just a little bit of stitching in the foreground to complete the piece. And I’m happy with the result. It is certainly not something I would have created without this challenge as it definitely is out of “my style”. But it was fun. Have you tried something for the first quarter challenge? It was fun and the colors certainly cheered me up on a grey, snowy day here in Montana.


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Wild and Crazy Yarns Woven then Felted

I still had a bagful of yarns left over from my Wild Table Runner so I decided to do a little weaving with some odds and ends. It was a mixture of synthetic, wool and wool blends.

I used a black metallic acrylic yarn as the warp.  It was a bit stretchy but I intended to felt it when finished so I wasn’t concerned.

Here it is still on the loom.


I went back and forth on what to use as the background. Finally I decided I wanted to keep the colors from getting lost and chose a white prefelt covered loosely with a white merino batt.


Here it is after felting.  As you can see even the white merino is more beige than the white bamboo.


Its kind of wild, but fun.  There is a lot of dimension since some of the warp and that crazy eyelash yarn  are sticking up.  Most everything else including the wide orange and purple synthetics felted in nicely.

Some closeups:

20170205_135843 20170205_135917 20170205_135907 20170205_135900

From the side:

20170205_135941It was fun to see how the different yarns reacted.  I’m not quite sure of what it reminds me of, or what I’ll do with it. But it was a quick and easy project after traveling.

If you missed my Caribbean Inspiration you can see it here:


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