Giveaway Winner and a Couple of New Things

A couple of weeks ago I announced an embellishment giveaway.  I used a random number generator and I’m pleased to announce Meterrilee, Terri Simon is the winner.  Terri please email me or PM me on the forum with your address.  Congratulations and have fun with the embellishments! I look forward to seeing how you use them.


Since I have been traveling during the holidays, I haven’t been doing much felting.  Although I did finish a couple of small projects before the holidays.

I had been given some nice glass picture frames that have been sitting on my dresser.  I’ve noticed they scratch the wood when moved for cleaning.  So I decided to make use of some “unknown” fiber batts I’ve had sitting around.

I embellished one side with silk hankies and bits of teal bamboo.  The mat is spongy which is perfect for the glass frames to sit in.


Here’s a closeup and then the back. The nice thing is I change the look by flipping it over.

20161205_160231 20161205_160242

I also keep a bunch of little things on my nightstand so I made a holder for them as well.

The outside is embellished with some silk hankies.


I folded the top down.  It gave it a finished look and a bit more stability.




Now my nightstand is a little tidier.


I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday and a Happy New Year!  Again, congratulations to Terri!

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Dyeing Silk

Since the house was tidy for Christmas I used the opportunity to do some dyeing. I mostly did fibres, but I also wanted to dye some silk. I have lots of patterned silk scarves, but wanted some more ‘plain’. This first pices is some silk Karen (who used to do the blog with us) sent me years ago. It’s labelled ’tissue silk’, is similar to silk chiffon, but different more like crepe. I dipped it in darker blue first, then lighter blues at the other end.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese pieces are silk habotai. The photo doesn’t do them justice, they have such a gorgeous shine. I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy lots of silk from wollknoll when the exchange rate was in our favour!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are some pieces of silk chiffon, there’s less colour variation in these than in the tissue silk and habotai pieces. They came out really nice though:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese strips are from a piece of silk I got in a charity shop, it was a green to white blended piece, so I tore it where the green was palest, and dyed strips from those parts with blues and greens, and the whitest part burgundy with some purple shades.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also overdyed some printed silk I had. I can’t find any photos of it here, but I used it on a couple of notebook covers. It was nice in an unusual kind of way, but not so nice I didn’t mind completely changing it! This first piece was overdyed with blues and greens, it doesn’t look massively different, but it toned down the yellows:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this isn’t the best photo, but the over-dyeing turned out better than I expected using oranges and reds over greens/blues:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd here’s a rolled up batt I made from multi scraps a while ago:


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2016 is done

Everyone has been so busy. Looking back I seem to have done a lot of teaching


I did some dyeing

and some creating with this fun piece for one of the challenges.

solution 1

and some stitching

finished 2nd quarter challange 3

and I wanted to thank Jan for her guest posts a look at a great class on weaving with scraps.

Jan 18

And the great cat cave adventure


All in all I think It’s been a good felting and fiber year. I hope yours was great and 2017 will be even better.





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2017 Quarterly Challenges

Happy New Year to everyone and we hope that you have a very creative year in 2017. We like to give you a little creative challenge every quarter and this coming year, we will be emphasizing various art periods. Each of us will choose a different art period and then challenge you to create felt or other fiber art with that art period as your inspiration.

There is some great information about art periods at the following websites:

Arty Factory

The Art Story

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Matisse - Woman with a Hat - Wikipedia

Matisse – Woman with a Hat – Wikipedia

I have decided on the art period called Fauvism. I have gleaned all this information from Wikipedia and The Fauvist movement started in 1899 and ended in 1908, so it was a relatively short period of time.

Wikipedia’s definition: “Fauvism is the style of les Fauves (French for “the wild beasts”), a loose group of early twentieth-century modern artists whose works emphasized painterly qualities and strong color over the representational or realistic values retained by Impressionism.”

Matisse: Open Window, Wikipedia

Matisse: Open Window, Wikipedia

The Art Story website gives more information:

“Matisse emerged as the leader of the group, whose members shared the use of intense color as a vehicle for describing light and space, and who redefined pure color and form as means of communicating the artist’s emotional state. In these regards, Fauvism proved to be an important precursor to Cubism and Expressionism as well as a touchstone for future modes of abstraction.”

Seine Chatou, Maurice de Vlaminck, Wikipedia

Seine Chatou, Maurice de Vlaminck, Wikipedia

Key Ideas (from

“One of Fauvism’s major contributions to modern art was its radical goal of separating color from its descriptive, representational purpose and allowing it to exist on the canvas as an independent element. Color could project a mood and establish a structure within the work of art without having to be true to the natural world.”

Barges on the Seine, Maurice de Vlaminck, Wikipedia

Barges on the Seine, Maurice de Vlaminck, Wikipedia

“Another of Fauvism’s central artistic concerns was the overall balance of the composition. The Fauves’ simplified forms and saturated colors drew attention to the inherent flatness of the canvas or paper; within that pictorial space, each element played a specific role. The immediate visual impression of the work is to be strong and unified.”

Paysage Color, Jean Metzinger, Wikipedia

Paysage Color, Jean Metzinger, Wikipedia


“Above all, Fauvism valued individual expression. The artist’s direct experience of his subjects, his emotional response to nature, and his intuition were all more important than academic theory or elevated subject matter. All elements of painting were employed in service of this goal.”

Charing Cross Bridge, Andre Derain, Wikipedia

Charing Cross Bridge, Andre Derain, Wikipedia

One of the main reasons that I chose this art period is that I thought it would translate well to felt. The simplicity of form with saturated colors sounded perfect for felt. And then we also get to be “wild beasts” while we’re working on this challenge for the first quarter. So I challenge you to look up Fauvism and create a piece of fiber art in that tradition. Go wild with colors and express your individualism!

Please show us your creations over on the forum. We’d love to see what the wild beast in you brings forth.

Don’t forget to sign up for online classes here:

Experimental Screen Printing

Felting Fantasy Fish

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Pandagirl’s Year in Review 2016

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and are ready for the New Year.

It’s almost the end of 2016 and looking back on the things I’ve done, there seems to be a few themes.

I did a lot of natural dyeing.  Avocado skins, pits and the combo.





logwood iron top wo bottom

Osagealkanet with iron



Cutch, Rhubarb and Indigo

20160703_115005 20160701_155539 20160907_124311-1


Eco printing








Under the sea theme20160429_160634a_edited-1 20160526_155222

2nd Quarter challenge working with scraps – the former credit card case turned into an ear bud case.


Then the cityscape with scraps.


A scarflette with locks


Ginkgo stitching


Crochet piece felted and embellished with stitching


Felting wit my grandsons


Silk scraps into a free motion stitched vase


3rd Quarter challenge adding dimension from Kristy Kun’s class

20160924_155325-1 20160924_155038-1

Ruth’s Paper Lamination class

20160614_153320 20160720_173749


Teri’s hat class

20161012_152103 20161012_151800

Mini weaving wall hanging


More work with scraps for a sewing machine case


4th Quarter Challenge with embellishments for a coupon case.


And blue booties for a shower


Of course, there were also plenty of samples during the year including using the needle felting machine to felt some unfeltable fabrics.

A big thank you to Cathy Wycliff for her post on weaving and felting; my sister Carol Olson for sharing her new sheep with us;  Nada for sharing her workshop experience in Slovenia; Zara for her posts on Felting on a Trampoline and her Yak, Mongolian, Churro and Zwartables samples; Leonor for her soap tutorial and Terri Simon on sharing her projects from Kristy Kun’s class.

It was a great year for me in terms of learning new things and doing some recycling.  How was your 2016 year of fibers?

Happy New Year and Happy Felting in 2017!




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2016 Year End Round Up

Whenever I do a Year End Round Up, and look back over my posts, I always think ‘Was that really this year?’ I thought the same this time then realised I was looking at 2015! I seemed to have lots of stuff going on outside of felting and creating this year, so unlike Ruth, blogging frequently hasn’t really been able to keep me making things. But having to think of something to blog about has had me trying to be more observant, and think about other things fibre related to post about rather than finished items like I usually would. And looking back at the things I did make, it seems that experimenting, sampling and making ‘scruffy’ pieces of felt have been my ‘theme’ this year. I liked Ruth’s idea of a slideshow, so here’s some of my favourite photos of 2016:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Wow it is hard to believe it’s Christmas already. Seems like just yesterday we were complaining about the decorations being in the store to early.

I had two partners in the our holiday card exchange this year. Tricia sent me 2 lovely cards that arrived a few days ago.

card-2-from-tricia card-2-inside-from-tricia

card-1-from-tricia card-1-inside-from-tricia

Marilyn’s card arrived Friday just in time for Christmas. the picture doesn’t do it justice. the bow and wreath are both sparkly.


This is the card I sent to Marilyn

marilyns-card-1  marilyns-card-2

The card I sent to Tricia that has arrived just in time.

tricias-card tricias-card-close

Just one more that I made this year and sent to a friend.


§à§Ó§è§í §ª §Ö§Ý§Ü§Ñ 1

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