Mini Weaving

It seems lately everyone is into weaving. This past summer I was shopping with my daughter in law at Joann’s and this mini loom caught my eye.  I actually thought it might be something to do with the grandsons.


The last time I wove anything was on one of those metal looms using loops to make pot holders.  Yeah, I’m showing my age.

I forgot about the loom when I got home then when I was gathering all my scraps for the 4th Quarter challenge I found it under a pile. Ok, let’s see how this works and what all the hoopla is about.  Looks easy enough.

I have a tubful of yarn so that’s where I started. I thought an autumn theme would be nice. The black acrylic/wool combo also has a little silver bling, the pink ball is mohair and the multi colored yarn is thick and thin with a little blue and white thin threads.  I also added some polyester and silk scraps and hand dyed boucle.  The ball of yarn under the string is the alpaca I used to make my Ginkgo leaves a while back.  Not pictured is hand dyed green pencil roving.


They don’t sell the warp so I decided to just use string. Besides I didn’t want to invest in anything if it was something that I wasn’t going to do a lot of.

I didn’t like using the shuttle, so I just used my fingers.  Here it is on the loom:

20161113_144410Here’s a closeup:


The instructions were not helpful so I ended up finding a video online.  I used the alpaca as fringe. I wasn’t following a particular pattern just kind of winging it.

Of course, I had to hide the ends which was a lot more fiddly than I like.  But I like the overall look.  I decided to make it a wall hanging and cut a piece of bamboo to tie it to.  You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s hanging on a light gold wall.  Sorry about the shadow .

20161113_151758It took me a lot longer than anticipated.  But I’m happy with the results.  I may try another to felt.  But I don’t see myself investing any larger looms.  I admire those of you who have the patience to dress a loom and weave away.


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A Few More Samples

About a month ago I posted a couple of photos of some scruffy/tassley felt samples in more neutral/bolder colour schemes. The black one I’d made inspired me to make up some batts of various grey blends. Luckily (or not?) I’d got a load of grey tops in some Botany Lap Waste, but after recent experiences, thought I’d better make some samples! I had 4 shades of what felt like Merino tops, so I started with them. As it turned out, the felted just like Merino tops!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next one I tried felt like nice soft natural wool tops, it was a ‘humbug’ blend, which I usually associate with Jacob, but it felt much softer and looked as if there might be some ‘other’ fibres blended in too. I guessed at black viscose. There wasn’t much and it wasn’t any more obvious after felting, but it made a nice piece:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOften the tops in the Botany lap waste are the end of blend runs and custom orders. I think I got the leftovers from someone’s huge grey order, which was mostly fine, but there were some strange blends, like natural greys with nylon, and this next one which was a natural grey with a purpley Angelina sparsely blended in. You couldn’t see it at all afterwards though:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is it flipped over:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt felted really quickly, was really soft, but also had quite a curl/wave to it, the shade of grey reminded me of Suffolk, but it didn’t feel like it. This is it held up at the window:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd just because there’s been so much grey in this post, a nice colourful bluey green piece:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd some scrap yarn coiled up:


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A Busy Guild Social

At my guild, Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ we have a large formal meeting with a program on the first Monday of the month and on all the other Mondays we have a casual social night. bring your wheel or knitting or what ever you like and just have fun with like minded people.

This Monday we there was lots going on. There were spinners and knitters.


Jan brought in some Sheep for the Demo boxes. they came back to the guild a short time ago from being used in a school program. they needed a little hair dressing and now they will go out for demos.


Some people were trying to fix the brake on a loom.


Elizabeth was teaching some one how to make a warp using the cool little paddle to speed things up .

and this is Judy carding cotton into punies ( probably spelled really wrong)

and this is a link( or maybe it will show.  to Judy’s YouTube video of spinning cotton on a Lego charkha.


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Adding Waste Machine Thread to Felt – 4th Quarter Challenge 2016

I have been saving cut offs from my machine stitching for quite a while so when Zed let us know that we needed to save up thread bits and pieces, I had no worries that I would have enough scraps of thread to use in this challenge. There are also some scraps of embroidery thread and Perle cotton in the tub.

Tub of Threads

Here’s my tub of thread. This is actually a photo after I used thread for the felt I will describe below. So I have plenty left!

Thread Felt Layout #1

I used white Mixed 56’s wool from RH Lindsay and then just spread the thread over top of the first layer. I wanted a thin felt so I used a fairly thin layer of wool.

Thread Felt #1 Close Up Layout

I didn’t worry about what colors I was using or where they went. I just wanted to experiment and see what happened.

Thread Felt #1 Second Layer

I then added a very thin layer of wool over top of the thread. I wasn’t worried about uneven shrinkage or making the felt a certain size. I was just making a sample.

Thread Felt wet Down

Here’s what it looked like after I wet it down.

Thread Felt #1

I felted and fulled as usual. Here is the finished piece. I really like it and love the way the thread crinkles up as the wool shrinks.

Thread Felt #1 Close Up

And the texture is marvelous.

Thread Felt Layout #2 Close Up

So I decide to make a larger second piece to add free motion embroidery for the main design. I thought this would make an excellent background.

Thread Felt #2Here’s the second piece. It’s about twice as large as the first sample.

Thread Felt #2 Close Up

And another close up of the texture. Next time I make some felt like this again, I am going to put even less wool on the second layer.

Thread Felt Ornament Card

I cut up pieces of the first sample to make a holiday card. I used fusible to fuse the ornaments to the dark blue felt which was screen printed and then over dyed. I then added free motion machine stitching and couched down a machine stitched cord that I found in my scrap box. Elizabeth, if you’re reading this post, this isn’t your card. I am making a different one as I didn’t really love this card.

If you haven’t tried adding thread to your felt, give it a try. I really like the results. Thanks Zed for the challenge as I’m not sure I would have tried this without your idea.


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4th Quarter Challenge 2016

Like everyone else I have a ton of scraps, threads, cut offs, etc.  I finally got around to organizing them somewhat into like piles.  As you see I had a lot to choose form. The first pic is a tub full of scraps etc.



I pulled out some and put them on the table to pick from.


I decided I needed a store coupon case to keep in my purse.  I recently got a new purse and none of the pockets were sized large enough to hold some of these coupons.  I have a separate coupon holder for groceries that I only use when I grocery shop.  But I never know when I might pass by a department, fabric or specialty store that calls me in to shop.

I wanted it thin so I only used prefelt on both sides of the resist. With back problems, I don’t carry a big purse and try to keep it as light as possible.

I picked through the scraps and threw a little of this and that until I was satisfied with the look.  Then I topped off each side with some wisps of merino to help keep those rayon and cotton threads and silk bits to felt in adding merino over the sides to fold over. The yellow is silk selvedge.

20161105_155136 20161105_161012 20161105_161203

I spent a lot of time rubbing so as to not disturb the little bits and thread.

While still wet:

20161107_161500 20161107_161511

The purple fringe got a little wadded up in the felting process and the edges of the flap and sides of the holder needed to be straightened a bit.


After drying I still had some wild threads so I needle felted some down and cut others.  I also straightened the fringe and needled it down. I think for my use it will be fine.  Here is the finished front:

20161107_163732 20161107_163607

Back closed:20161107_163746

Now I’m ready to shop.


Here’s another piece I started as an experiment.  I don’t care for dots or the colors of this scarf, so I decided to cut off a piece and see how it felts because I have two more scarves I do like and didn’t want to experiment with them.  I used some silk scraps and angelina on one side and the scarf on the other.


I liked the dot side after felting. It doesn’t look so dotty, but more textured.  I may do some stitching on it. The silk side I got carried away with the angelina and don’t care for that.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it it’s fairly small.

20161014_115349 20161014_115356

It was fun experimenting with the scraps.  I’ll probably do more. Have you started your 4th Quarter Challenge?

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Unknown Botany Lap Waste Update

I finally got around to felting a sample of the turquoise Botany Lap waste I used on a piece I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. It was the lighter blue stripes on the back of the piece, and in patches in a couple of places. Noy surprisingly, it didn’t felt in exactly the same way as the purple sample I tried and mentioned last time:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt even separated at one end like the purple piece did:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is how it looked at the window:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI bought some ‘slik n soft’  50/50 Superfine Merino and Tussah Silk in the same order, so just out of curiosity, I made a small sample of that. I’d started to worry I’d lost my felting skills, but it was pretty obvious as soon as I’d wet the 50/50 down that it was already starting to felt:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t think I’ve ever used a really blended blend before (if that makes sense?!), I liked how it turned out. I’m still none the wiser about what those tops are, but at least I know it’s not something I did, or didn’t do!  Before I tried felting any of the Botany Lap waste tops, I’d tried spinning some. It was only the 2nd time I’d used my wheel, so thought the trouble I was having was beginner’s issues and also because I was trying tops. My first attempt had been from blended batts I’d drum carded and was much easier. I’d always planned on using the spun yarn for weaving anyway, so used some on one piece:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI made a fibre sampler at the Well Being Centre the other day, using staple fibres in 3 different ways. From top to bottom: Nylon, Plastic, Soy Staple, Bamboo, Cotton. I forgot to use Viscose. The first column is ‘as it comes’; the second column is the fibre ‘fluffed up’ and the third column is some fibre and some wool fluffed up/loosely blended together:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a close up of the Plastic fibre all fluffed up:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this is how the fluffed up Soy looked after felting:


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Guild Show and Sale

Just home form 2 days as a vendor at my guilds annual show and sale. It was a busy weekend. we stayed open late on Saturday night but with it being the first time it wasn’t busy. It did give us time to look at each others things and have some good chats with fellow vendors, so not all bad. It did make for a very long day, 10am to 8 pm. Sunday morning before everyone got there I took some movies of the show so you can see it. They are not grate but I am doing better at moving slower and smoother. I hope you enjoy them.

My both is the second one you see, in the corner.

I don’t seem to have any programs on my computer that edit video. I thought I did but the programs that will show me the video want me to buy and upgrade to be able to do anything with the video. these videos were done with my iPhone What do you use to edit video?


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