A Hat and Some More Nuno Scarves Finished

This week I finished the hat I showed you just started last time and of course the matching scarf is now dry. I really like how the way the texture of the scrunched up silk pieces  turned out.

hat and scarf

You will have to forgive my pictures as I was taking them quickly because I was cuddling my granddaughter while my daughter was getting her brother to bed and forgot it was my turn to post

I used some of the dyed silk I showed you last time to make some scarves this week. I did the orange one with silk scrunched up on it as well and some yarns meandering over everything.

orange scarf 2 orange scarf

The next 2 are still wet. I finished them last night, just before writing this. I tried to lighten them up so you get a better idea of what they are like.

green scarf blue scarf

I seem to be in a sparkly mood. Everything has a synthetic sparkly yarn on it. I hope other people will like them too. I am going to have to do a proper inventory to see what I need for the fall shows.


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Last Chance and Stitching on Printed Felt

Felted Concertina Hat by Teri Berry

It’s your last chance to sign up for Teri Berry’s Felted Concertina Hat online class today. There are only a couple of spots left, so first come, first served. It’s going to be a really great class so if you’ve always wanted to know how to make a concertina type hat, you should sign up now. Registration will close tonight and the class starts on August 11th. Click here for more information. 

Water Lily

I have been busy creating my next online class Print, Stencil, and Play with Thickened Dye on Felt. It will be ready soon and I’ll be announcing the dates of the class and opening the registration by the end of August. (Keep an eye out here or send me a note on our contact us form if you’re interested in taking the class.) So I have lots of samples and in my “spare” time I have been stitching on them to give that finishing touch.

Close Up of Stitching

The water lily is getting highlights added with hand stitch. The outline stitch is stem stitch and the little bitty stitches are seed stitches.

Here’s some felt that was screen printed several times and then I stenciled the falling leaf design with green screen printing ink. The ink was a bit too dark (on the left) so I added a bit lighter green with colored pencil and veins with a gel pen. I also did a bit of free motion stitching on the machine around the edges of the leaves. They show up a little better now.

Close Up of Leaves

So don’t be shy about using other forms of art media to add to your felt. Just give it a try to see what happens!





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Resurrecting Silk Paper Bowl

Last month I wrote about doing more experiments with UFOs and my silk paper bowl disaster.  https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2016/06/20/more-experiments-with-ufos/


Fortunately, Lyn suggested I try Ruth’s Felt Scrap Bowl method.  https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2011/12/11/felt-scrap-bowl-tutorial/

I was hesitant at first because it required free motion stitching. Something I haven’t mastered. But I needed the practice, so this was a good opportunity to do just that.

The first thing I did was to tear it apart.


Then I laid it out in a round shape.


I could have left it plain, but decided I had some hand dyed yarns that would add some texture and interest and complimented the silk.


I proceeded to cover it on both sides with the Sulky water soluble stabilizer on top before pinning and stitching.  I know I should have put down the Sulky before designing, but I’m getting good at flipping projects.

Then came the fun part — stitching it.  I had a lot of trouble with the thread breaking, the tension being picky and a lot of stops and starts but I finally got it finished.  Although I didn’t use fancy designs, it’s pretty much straight lines up and down and around.

Following Ruth’s directions, I wet down the package leaving it a little sticky and draping it over a jar then adding folds.

20160707_150652 20160707_151147

It looks a little droopy and sad. I let it dry overnight and was surprised in the morning to find a very pretty textured and dimensional vase.

20160708_142732 20160708_142758 20160708_142742

While it’s not strong enough to hold anything, I could put in a glass or clear plastic to be able to set something inside.  I even toyed with getting a small battery type light and making it a little lamp.  There are plenty of holes and it’s very thin.  It might work.  If I can find such a light, I’ll post pictures on the forum.

Thanks Lyn and Ruth!  I’m pleased with the results and the fact I was able to reuse the silk. Oh, I have some left but not enough for a vase.  I’ll have to find something else to make with it and get more free motion practice.





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I took over one end of my living room for felting/art and crafts a few years ago when I realised it’d never be used as a ‘conventional’ living room again, though to be fair, it’s never been what most people would call conventional anyway! Alhough it was better than what I’d had before, it wasn’t brilliant. I was putting something away last week, shoving things out of the way, leaning over boxes to get what I wanted and thought there must be a better way to organise the room so I’m not contorting myself all the time. I tried to picture things moved around, and had an idea of what I wanted, but thought I could do with something to help me visualise it better. I suppose I could have found some fancy site online or something, but went for simplicity: paper, pen and tape measure. I taped a couple of pieces of paper together to make a scale outline of my room, then measured everything in it and made cut-outs. Then I put them in the places where they were:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can see there was space, but it wasn’t very functional, and since no one ever sits and watches telly, it seemed such a waste that there was a large amount between the couch and tv which was unusable. I started to move the outlines around to where I wanted them, and was quite surprised that they fit almost exactly how I imagined:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat was easy enough, I thought, so shifting a few boxes around should only take a few hours. Ha ha. About 3 and a half days more like it. But it works, much better than I thought actually. There’s a bigger area where the free space is ‘consolidated’. And it was nice having somewhere to sit and rest and flick through my plant books in between moving stuff. This is the table end, with my carder and some fibre boxes on the left, and wool and some more fibre boxes on the right:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the boxes on the right, I inherited the red box, it has wheels, I wish all the bottom ones did!:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd these are the book cases. I have another on the left, you can just see the edge of it and the corner of the couch (and yes, eagle eyed Brits, that is a 1960’s candlewick bedspread as a throw!) and the other book case actually has books on it. I bought the middle book case as a replacement for the little one on the end, but that soon filled up:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you can see, I have a nice collection of shoe boxes. I could make it look neater and buy some more plastic storage tubs, but it seems so wasteful to recycle cardboard, and then buy plastic, so I’ll go for messy over tidy. It hardly matters when it’s all out across the floor anyway!  The big yellow Dunlop box contains my tubs of threads and yarns scraps, filling up nicely for the 4th Quarter challenge. How do you organise your studio and felting supplies? Do you have any tips for being tidy or efficient?

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Textured Felt and Some Dyeing

I finished up some textured felt this week. First the pieces I started last week to cut up. They are the wet ones at the bottom of the post. https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2016/07/26/making-some-progress-and-free-give-away-reminder/

They turned out great. I am sorry for the quality of the pictures but the pictures are taken in full sunlight as that is all I had.

blue for cutting finnished blue close up

This one has so much depth. The yarn is quite sparkly. I am surprised It didn’t flash back more in the sun.

textured felt for cutting finnished. textured felt for cutting close.

textured felt for cutting angle.

I liked this so much I decided to make a scarf and matching hat.

The scarf is now drying.


scarf wet

The hat is just ready to cut open. I will show you it finished next time.

hat ready to cut open

Lastly I did some silk dying so I can make some scarves for the fall shows.

orange pink silk blanks

The green one on the left will probably get over dyed. It is two shades of green but they are to close. I will probably use some navy blue on part or it.

grean blue silk blanks

I can’t believe the summer is half over. I still have so much to do. How are you doing with your summer felting plans?



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Australian Wool Show And A Winner!

This is a guest post from Sue B. (chookie on the forum) who recently visited the Bendigo – Australian Wool Show. She does apologize for the quality of the photos as they were taking on her phone in crowds with moving models. Thanks for sharing Sue!


Fibre anyone?  3 days at the Bendigo – Australian Wool Show saw me both exhausted,spent out and very satisfied. With seven sheds of crafts and handiwork plus so many fibre and craft sellers/suppliers and demonstrators of everything from sewing machines to felting rollers, it took all of three days to see everything. Not counting the sheep judging of every breed in Australia plus some goats, shearing, sheepdog trials and all the tents with outside sellers selling everything from food ,clothing to tractors and all in between. Another large marquis was given over to education and many higher education facilities had stalls plus some student work in the fields of wool and wool craft or wool fashion. I was so busy looking I often forgot to take pics. LOL

eco dyed scarf

 Eco dyed entry in the Wool Craft Section – one full shed contained entries for all types of wool craft and all under glass so it was hard to avoid reflections in the images – my apologies for them.

crafting bag

 This entry was knitted and felted and contained all one needs in one bag.to go crafting –  ingenious.

gunmut or wattle hat

Felted Hat – gumnut or wattle style.

banksia hat Banksia Hat

felt hat

 Felted entries

Woven entries

Woven entries

Felt Banksia Man

Felted Banksia man

wattle scarf

Wattle Scarf

Felted entries

 Felted Entries

On day one I was lucky enough to catch the Wool Fashion Parade with felting,weaving and knitting  – and sometimes all on one garment – what fun and so well done. Unfortunately with the compere speaking and me taking pictures I didn’t get the details written down, but here are some catwalk images – sorry about the quality – I was using my phone and above and around spectators when I could get there.The theme for the entire show was based on May Gibbs Books “The Gumnut Babies”. Each catwalk entry was themed to this subject.

Gumnut Babies book

May Gibbs Book

spun and woven wool coat

This garment was  spun and woven by the grower of the wool.

gumnut theme, spun, knitted by hand

 This was the winner of the Gumnut theme section and is spun and knitted completely by hand, amazing work, sorry no better images.

felted vest

 Felted vest

felted donut vest

Felted donut  vest

Banksia Man felted, leather, metal

 This entry was based on the Banksia Men from the story.(they were the bad guys).Felted, leather & metal.

spun and woven garment with fleece felted trim front

 Spun and woven garment with fleece felted trim.

spun and woven garment with fleece felted trim back

Back view

spun wool and woven garment

Spun wool and woven garment

banksia man

The Big Bad Banksia Man – All felted garment & boots.

Thanks for the post Sue!

And to announce the winner of the drawing for a place in Teri Berry’s online class Felted Concertina Hats…  Drum roll please…

The winner is: Barbara Ferrante

Congratulations Barbara, Teri will be contacting you shortly!

For those of you who didn’t win and would like to sign up for the class there are a few spots left, first come, first served. Registration for the class ends on August 9th and the class begins on August 11th. See the class page for further information.

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Playing with Natural Dyes Part 2

I’ve been trying out different natural dyes using similar materials.  This time I tried alkanet roots and logwood with and without iron.

Here are the alkanet roots before preparation which took two days to get ready to use.


The logwood also had to be prepared ahead of time.


Again, I used mordanted corriedale and merino roving, mulberry silk, wool yarn, silk habotai and silk gauze as I did in my previous post  https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2016/06/28/playing-with-natural-dyes-part-1/

According to some of the charts I saw on the colors to expect from the alkanet roots, it could be anything from gray to deep purple.  I had also read it was possible for blues or even red.  As you can see from the pot, there was a light purple tinge to the water. The dye liquor was definitely dark purple but then it was diluted with the water.

aklanet only pot


The result was a silver gray.  For all the experiments I leave the pot to cool overnight to get the most color.  This was a lot less than i expected, but its a pretty color.


The next step was to add iron to the pot with another set of materials.

alkanet with iron wet alkanet with iron

The top picture is wet, the bottom is dry.  So, I now have silver and gold colors.

Next was the logwood. From all the pictures I’d seen and roving Cathy had dyed in Arkansas I thought I would get some type of purple.  It looked pale in the pot.

logwood pot

So, I was surprised when it dried and it was more of a taupe color. But surprises are half the fun!  Then I added iron and did another batch.

logwood side by side logwood iron top wo bottom

The darker ones on the bottom are with the iron and its more of a charcoal color.

Again, these are all experiments and results can vary depending on water, temperature, etc.  While I had a little different expectations, I’m not unhappy with the results.  I can always overdye.

What have your experiences with natural dyeing been?



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