Nuno Felting

Nuno Felting

Nuno Felting is a type of wet felting with the addition of fabric. The name is derived from the Japanese word for cloth. The addition of a fabric means that a stronger felt can be produced with less wool, which is perfect for making felted garments.

Most commonly, nuno felting involves one layer of fabric, with wool on one side of it. But nuno felt can also be made with wool on both sides of the fabric, or, fabric on both sides of the wool.

The combination of fabric and wool can be used to create interesting surface texture on both the wool and fabric side. Or it can be used simply to add surface design and/or strength.

As a general rule, the less wool that is used, the greater the ruching or crinkling. This effect can be increased by ‘throwing’-dropping the felt while it is wet.

6 thoughts on “Nuno Felting

  1. Is there any type of polyester that you can use (small scraps/pieces) in Nuno Felting?
    Or silk velvet?

  2. Nuno works best with sheer fabric that the wool fibers can migrate through. Some polyester fabric will work. Make a small test sample before doing a large piece.

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