Wet Felted Wall Hanging

Karen is a founding member of the Felt and Fiber Studio Blog and Forum. Karen has moved onto other things, we wish her well. Her help in growing the blog and forum are greatly appreciated.

I’m a wife and mum to 4 awesome people,  Nana to 2!    I’ve loved everything craft for as long as I can remember and I was always looking for that something new I could learn, I stumbled across felting in 2008 and I’ve been hooked on felt ever since. Creating needle felted characters and flat felt tapestries left me in awe of the possibilities of felt and I’ve had so much fun, now I’m totally addicted to wet felting and embellishing.  I’m still very new at embroidery or stitching but I love adding lots of detail and texture with threads and beads.  There is a whole world of possibilities to felting and the more i learn the more in love i become. I’m also discovering Mixed Media and absolutely loving it. The Felting and Fibre Studio is an amazing adventure with my 3 felting friends and although were oceans apart, when it comes to felting, we are one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can find me on Flickr.

Karen was a founding member of the Felting and Fiber Studio but has since moved on to working in other media.

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