Regular Contributors

Regular Contributors

We have a set of wonderful fiber artists who contribute regular posts to The Felting and Fiber Studio. We really appreciate their wonderful contributions and posts to our site. We hope you enjoy their posts too. Please go visit their links to see more of their work.


Lyn & Annie of Rosiepink

Lyn and Annie enjoy creative fun, exploring many different crafts but textile art is their favourite.  They don’t like to make the same thing over and over but prefer to keep experimenting and trying new ideas. Visit Rosiepink.


Leonor is a UK-based fibre artist who specialises in hand dyeing yarns and wool, spinning and needle felting dogs. She drinks copious amounts of tea and is a bit obsessed with cats. You can find her website and shop here:


My name is Karen Lane and I’m a mixed media textile artist with a passion for felt making, based in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds (UK). 

I have always found myself drawn to texture and often work with a limited colour palette to allow the texture to be the key element.  Working with mixed media means I can combine hard and soft, smooth and rough, whether I’m creating a pendant, a wall hanging or a wearable.  For me, the tactile element plays a huge role in the design process.  

Nature provides a never ending source of inspiration for my work, from trees and leaves to fossils and found objects, some of which are used as “inclusions” in my work.  

I am a member of the International Feltmakers Association and I run workshops in Feltmaking and Textile Art in the UK and in France.


Instagram: @lincsinstitches



My main passion is creating art quilts. I am fortunate to have been able to study techniques from several very artistic quilt artists over the last 20 years. After retiring from a demanding job in Oct 2015 I finally have unlimited time to work in my studio. I enjoy exploring surface design techniques, studying art and design, machine and hand stitching and knitting, to name a few. I love all things fiber! There is a wealth of information on the internet these days that keeps my mind very busy. Recently I have begun to explore drawing and watercolor painting. I have become active in my local quilt guild which is a wonderful place to share a passion for creativity and camaraderie.  When I am creating or in a creative environment, I am in my happy place.


My adventure into felt making began in 2013.  While I am largely self taught, I have been fortunate to have been able to attend many master classes given by international felt tutors both at home in Ireland, abroad and also on-line.  I equally enjoy working on flat and structured pieces and love experimentation. I enjoy tutoring both adults and children. At the moment, I get my inspiration from nature and mathematics (shapes and patterns).



I was born a very crafty person. Many might nod to this statement on its own merit, but to explain – I love creating and have had a life-long passion for arts and crafts both in my professional life and in my leisure time.

My twisty ‘working’ career path began in the construction industry as an architect designing and building structures; then qualifying as a tutor, teaching design in all its facets; later studying and teaching upholstery and other craft skills, before ending where I started….as an architect. Always practical and hands-on I have even been found digging foundation trenches and re-roofing!

Of all the various ‘relaxation’ skills I have explored, and oh there are so many, there is one that I always return to….textiles, specifically playing with fibres in wet felting.

Not only is felt-making magical – the alchemy of fluffy fibres turning into a unique work with its own character – it is for me, an ‘all-inclusive’ craft where so many other skills can coalesce – flat work, sculptural forms, stitching, colour work, embroidery, weaving, beading and more.

What inspires me? – Predominantly design elements, either in nature or architecture seen on my travels….colours, textures, the juxta position of shapes, the play of light – all offer endless possibilities and opportunities.



I was born, educated, and learned spinning and weaving in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I taught organic dyeing and spinning at the Community College in Regina and was a founding member of the Regina Guild of Spinners and Weavers. There have been several stops and starts along the way, but after moving to Ottawa, finishing raising the family and finding the Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild, I was finally able to commit time and space to really explore fibre. I found great resources easily accessible, wonderful teachers and the Guild network inspiring.


Lindsay Wilkinson Artwork

I’m a passionate wet felt-maker living by the sea in Whitstable, Kent, UK & working out of a small studio in Faversham, Kent. I draw a lot of inspiration from the beautiful coastal scenery and local wild birds which can often be seen in my felt work. instagram-lindsaywilkinsonartwork  Facebook-Lindsay Wilkinson Artwork


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