Protein Fibers

Protein Fibers

Like Silk, Milk and Soy are protein Fibers. Unlike silk, they are man-made. Natural coloured Soy Top is a shiny golden fibre:

soy topIt is also available as Soy staple fibre, short crimped pieces of fibre:

Soy bean stapleIt can be dyed with acid dyes just like silk:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMilk protein is a light shiny fibre:

Milk 314 smallIt too can be dyed with acid dyes:


8 thoughts on “Protein Fibers

    1. I buy all of mine from World of Wool, if you want to buy large quantities wholesale, that part is called Europa Wools 🙂

  1. Europa wools where can i find it please give me contact no or email id of the person selling these in large quantites.

    1. Address: Unit 8/Old Railway Goods Yard/Scar La, Huddersfield HD3 4PE
      Phone: 01484 846878

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