Experimental Screen Printing on Felt

Have you put off trying to screen print because you thought it was too complicated? This is the course for you then. This course will teach you about a variety of methods of screen printing that are fun and easy although sometimes a bit messy!

Samples of Screen Printed Felt

The second module of Embellishing Felt with Surface Design Techniques – A Mixed Media Approach is Experimental Screen Printing. The cost for the 4 week course is $45.00 (US).  Please see the schedule below for the 2020 course schedule. To register for the course, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page during open registration. If you would like to be notified when registration opens for the next class, please fill out the contact us form with the class name and date in which you are interested.

Learn to Make Your Own Silk Screen

In week one of the course, you will learn how to make your own silk screen and print board. You will also learn how to thicken acid dyes to use in the screen printing process and how to steam your felt after screen printing. All of these technique mentioned can also be used to screen print fabric such as silk for nuno felting.

Deconstructed Screen Print

In week two, we will be concentrating on the deconstructed screen printing technique. This is a very serendipitous process that yields some exciting results.

In week three, you will learn about a variety of different ways to mask a silk screen to achieve different printing effects. You will be using a variety of temporary masks to create as many unique designs as you can create.

In the final week of the class, you will learn how to use a variety of items from around the house to create one of a kind silk screen patterns on felt.

Screen Printed Notebook Cover

Once you have learned how to screen print of felt, you will be able to create your own style of printed felt or silk to use in your work. These can be used to create a variety of items including bags, book covers, clothing and more.

Supply List Experimental Screen Printing

Here is a link for Matte Vinyl Fuse in the UK: Matte Vinyl Fuse on Amazon

Here is a link for a similar product in the UK: Lamifix

Link for Matte Vinyl Fuse in the US: Matte Vinyl Fuse on Amazon

I  bought my Matte Vinyl Fuse at JoAnn’s Fabric locally.

Course work will be supplied in PDF format, a link to view the PDF online will be provided on the class website, where you can then download it to keep. Videos will be available on the forum throughout the class but not available to download. You will be given a link to the online class website. The class website will have sections for students to show their work and ask questions, and also a section specifically for asking the instructor questions. The instructor will visit the forum every day, if you feel like you need real-time advice, please PM to arrange this.

The cost is US$45.00 for the 4 week course with an extra 2 weeks of instructor support after the 4 weeks for a total of 6 weeks. You will be billed/invoiced by PayPal and the vendor name on the bill will be Green Enterprises. Class sizes are limited to 50. A supply list, a Class Website Navigation PDF, and an Adding Photos to the Class Website PDF will be attached to the Paypal invoice for your convenience.

2020 Class Schedule

February 21, 2020 (Registration opens on February 17, 2020)

May 29, 2020 (Registration opens on May 15, 2020)

October 2, 2020 (Registration opens on September 25, 2020)

Dates subject to change without notice.

To sign up for the class, please fill out the contact form below. Please include the email address you use for PayPal (it won’t be published on the site) if it is different than your usual e-mail.

Registration for this course is now closed. If you would like to be notified of the next open registration, please fill out the contact us form here with the name of the class in the comments section.

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  1. Lynn Hilton says:

    Pls notify me when the experimental screen felting printing on felt will be starting Thanks
    Lynn Hilton

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  3. I’ve signed up for the printing course, but there are a couple of things in the supply list I’m not sure about, maybe because they’re called something different in the UK ? Latex house paint is not a term I recognise, also Matte Fuse Vinyl, and what do you mean by print paste ? Is it a thickener ? I have lots of steam fix silk paints to use, and I have thickener for those.

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  8. Karen Lane says:

    I love your screen printed journals Ruth and your workshop sounds very exciting!

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