Spring Online Classes Open for Registration

Spring Online Classes Open for Registration

The spring series of online courses are open for registration.  The registration for the 4 modules of Embellishing Felt with Surface Design Techniques – A Mixed Media Approach opens today, March 12 for a class start date of March 26, 2021. Click on any of the links about the courses to learn more. The courses are four weeks of PDF and video information and two extra weeks of instructor support for only $45.00 US for each module. You don’t have to be present at any certain time during the course.

Here is a video that I made about the first module of my online courses, Nuno Felting with Paper Fabric Lamination.

The second module is Experimental Screen Printing on Felt. Screen printing is loads of fun and you can obtain a huge variety of results with the techniques you will learn in this class.

Or you might want to try the third module which is Printing, Stenciling and Playing with Thickened Dye on Felt. You will learn how to make stencils and stamps as well as the use of thickened dye to decorate the surface of your felt and make your own unique designs.

The fourth module is Free Motion Machine Stitching on Felt. Have you always wanted to add machine stitching to your felt but didn’t know how? This course takes you through the basics of machine stitching on felt and works through to more complex techniques of using your sewing machine to embellish felt.

If you are interested in any of these online classes, please click on the links above for further information about the classes and scroll down to the bottom of the page to register. You will also find the supply lists of what you will need for each class on the linked pages.

Our Wet Felting for Beginners online class is available any time. You will have unlimited access with this class. So if you’d like to know more about the basics of felting including laying out the wool, embellishments, shrinkage and a variety of felting methods this is the class for you. You can sign up any time at the link above.

5 thoughts on “Spring Online Classes Open for Registration

  1. Hello,
    Does the course cover the 4 modules, or does each module in the course cost $45, or is it $45 for the 4 modules. I don’t think it is quite clear – to me anyway. I am interested in the whole course.


    1. Marie, sorry that I was unclear about the pricing. Each module is $45.00 US and last 6 weeks. It works best to take one module at a time because they are all packed with information and would be hard to participate in all of them at one time. You can register for any of them by clicking on the link and scrolling to the bottom of the class page to fill out the form.

    1. Hi Patricia, I run these four modules concurrently and offer them twice a year. Some people have taken two of the modules at one time but it isn’t something I would recommend. The next session for classes is September.

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