Felted Spiral – Students’ Gallery

Felted Spiral – Students’ Gallery

Samples of the students’ work from the workshop in November 2021:

Kathy:                              Johanne:                             Maria (spiral is still wet):



Maria’s three spirals in the winter sun in Ireland:

Samples of the students’ work from the workshop in April 2022:

Johanna’s in the Spring sunshine in Germany  April 2022:


Johanna made a smaller version for her lobby – the perfect height for strolling under and             

admiring from below as well as from the side:















Two of Marie’s beautiful spirals, spinning in the spring sunshine: 


Here is Kathy’s beautiful spiral:                          Antje’s Spiral with her own unique twist:   


 Here is Ruth’s:                  And here is Cindy’s:


Samples of students’ work from September 22:

Maria in Las Vegas:

Deidre’s gorgeous spiral:

Here are some students’ beautiful work from March/April 2023:

First up Jody’s two:


Meera:                                                                           Penny:


Here is some of the work from the October 23 Course:

Debbie Lee (Naturleedesigns):

Weiter Margarethe P (Danke für das tolle Video Margarethe, es zeigt deine Spirale in ihrer ganzen Schönheit)
Next Margarethe P (thank you for the amazing video Margarethe, it shows your spiral in all its beauty)

Naomi R (Naomi’s plans for her spiral are really exciting.  I am hoping she will be happy for me to share them when she has carried them out).