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rosiepink free tutorials

How to Make a Wet Felted Pod / Vessel using a resist

How to Make Felted Soap and Pebbles

How to Make Flat Felt (Wet Felting)

How to  Use Hand Carders

Hand Dyed Scrim Tutorial

How to Make Felt Beads and Simple Jewellery

How to Make a Seamless Wet Felted Purse/Bag

Felt-making with Children

Felt Making Tips for Beginners


The Complete Photo Guide To Felting — Ruth Lane


Creating Felt Artwork a Step by Step Guide (PDF) — rosiepink

BEYOND NUNO: A Guide to Using Fabrics in Wet Felting (PDF) — Felt by Zed

How to Make 3D Felt Vessels Using Flat Resists (PDF) — rosiepink


World of Wool  —where the world buys its wool
TexArt— UK supplier of gorgeous dyed fabrics such as scrim and hessian, threads such as dyed banana yarn, sari silk yarn, stranded cotton, and fibres like mulberry bark, banana fibre and silk noil and carrier rods
Sara’s Texture Crafts — UK supplier of felting fibres and supplies, including raw wools
Heidi Feathers — UK Supplier of Wet and Needle Felting Supplies and accessories


Learn About Wool — Lots of info and advice from Sara’s Texture crafts about fleece, fibre and yarn

10 Responses to Links/Resources

  1. Jane Dolan says:

    Looks fantastic, well done and I am looking forward to using the resources and inspiration that seem to be in abundance on this site.

  2. Michelle Osborn says:

    Hi….I’m new to the group and it’s the first time I’ve posted. I’m doing my first craft show…I’m a new felter….and I saw a list somewhere of things to tape, pencils, cards, etc. I’m wondering if I can be sent in that direction…if anyone knows of a basic helpful list…thanks, Michelle

  3. ruthlane says:

    Michelle – my best idea would be to join our forum and ask the question there. We don’t have a list on here of that nature yet. If you follow the Marketplace Monday posts, I will eventually get to that kind of information.

  4. Michelle Osborn says:

    Oh, I’m sorry… I thought I was….and yes I will follow that. Thank you for your help!

  5. ruthlane says:

    Michelle, go to the forum button on the side bar. You can sign in there, once you’re approved, you will see a list of topics on the main page. Just choose one that seems appropriate to what you want to ask and then write a new post. Hope that helps.

  6. Gerti says:

    Your site is absolutely lovely. Many thanks for all your tips. I am a relatively new felter and found your site very helpful. Gerti

  7. dclemire2 says:

    Great job ladies……..

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