I’ve always been fascinated with textures — the grooved trunk of a tree, the delicate petal of a flower, the juxtaposition of smooth sand and a raging ocean wave.  I’m a hands on person and have reveled in creating textures in a variety of mediums involving fiber  — sewing, designing clothes, crochet, embroidery, knitting, string art, quilling and macrame.  I had a detour with a career in marketing.  But my biggest loves involved water.  Papermaking  came first, but when I found felting about three years ago, it was instant love.

I learned to felt primarily online, but the Felt and Fiber Studio has provided more than instruction.  I enjoy the camaraderie and look forward to sharing my knowledge of art, marketing and my creations.  And, of course, continuing to learn and be challenged to stretch myself as a fiber artist.  Come and join the fun…

Handmade Paper Sculpture "Change"

Handmade Paper Sculpture “Change”

Apopka Lake, Florida

Apopka Lake, Florida

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