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Realy im not 12, i am just sivearly dislexic. i can spin, weave, felt, garden, Draw, Paint, and do layout but i realy cant spell. if you read out louwd i do make more sence.

Mr. Mer Considers a New Career in Modeling

Mr. Mer had so much fun with last weeks’ stretching and mirror blog that, if you don’t mind, he would like to do another one.  But he was very insistent that he needed to hit the wool before the next … Continue reading

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Add a Mirror to Your Studio Space to Reduce Shoulder Tension

Happy 2021!  Since more of us were staying at home last year, some of us have overindulged our enjoyment of fibre to keep us happy during confinement. Whether you are wet felting, dry felting, damp felting, spinning or weaving, if … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead to Organizing a Felt Study Group for 2021

2020 has been odd, scary, frustrating and somewhat productive.  Besides felting and fleece washing, I have spent time working on the guild library, once we were allowed back in the building. We finally got to run the Library survey I … Continue reading

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2020, Just a bit Mer to go.

Glenn and I have been travelling as far as Oakville once a month, to take over running errands for his parents and give his eldest brother, who is closest, a break (there are 5 brothers). We are second closest at … Continue reading

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Fourth Quarter Challenge 2020 Jan’s Ornament

Hummmmmm. I would like to make an ornament, using the cookie cutter needle felting technique. Now, what do I have as options? I have been collecting cookie cutters for over 30 years now. My original Christmas cookie cutters were dinosaurs. … Continue reading

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Hair to dye for the Mer’s.

Hair to dye for the Mer’s. After a long pause from felting to work on the Guild Library survey (why did no one tell me data analysis was so much fun?) with interruptions to torture incent unsuspecting flax plants, I … Continue reading

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Finishing the Flax  2020 Flax study group

I promise we are almost done, but I suspect you wanted to see the culmination shots from this year’s harvest! This year we had planted two rows of flax, which did not look too excessive until we started to harvest … Continue reading

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Year 2 Flax Study Group, The Violent bit’s at the end!

A review of year 2 so far This year the flax study group planted the seed we had harvested from last year. We had enough to double our planting and had 2 rows planted this year. We had 2 covid-modified … Continue reading

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A Long Wait for a Large Loom Part 3

In part 1 we saw the history of the guilds’ old 90 and 100 inch loom. In part 2 we chatted about the arrival and unpacking of the new 100 inch loom. Now lets take a peek at the reference … Continue reading

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A Long Wait for a Large Loom  Part 2

(A long wait for a large loom  Part 1 The guild both Ann and I belong to had an old 100″  loom at the end of its life. With the greatly appreciated grant assist, we were able to order … Continue reading

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