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2020 Online Class Schedule

2020 Online Class Schedule

Teri and I have come up with our online class schedule for 2020. If you are interested in signing up for any of these classes, please fill out our contact us form and include the name of the class in which you are interested. We will contact you when registration opens. All classes are held online so you can be located anywhere in the world and still take the class. You don’t have to be present at any certain time and there is opportunity to show your work, interact with other students and ask as many questions as you have.

Felted Bags with Teri Berry will be held beginning February 13, 2020. Registration will open on January 30, 2020. Take a look at more details about the class here.

Felted Concertina Hats with Teri Berry will be held July 16, 2020. Registration will open on July 2, 2020. Here is more information about the hat class.

The four modules of Embellishing Felt with Surface Design – A Mixed Media Approach with Ruth Lane will be held for two sessions in 2020. These modules do not need to be taken in any order, they are all stand alone classes. Click on the links below for more information.

February 21, 2020 (Registration opens on February 17, 2020)

May 29, 2020 (Registration opens on May 15, 2020)

Nuno Felting with Paper Fabric Lamination

Experimental Screen Printing on Felt

Printing, Stenciling, and Playing with Thickened Dye on Felt

Free Motion Machine Stitching on Felt

Our online Wet Felting for Beginners Course is always available. You can sign up anytime here. 


More Soap and Two Cool Videos

More Soap and Two Cool Videos

I am afraid that this week all the felting I have done is soap. I spent 2 afternoons getting the soap ready to felt, wrapping it in wool and them putting it in a little bag made out of nylons.  On Saturday night I felted half of them, 36. I had very clean wrinkly hands.


And this is what is left to do. I am hoping to get them done this afternoon.



With that not being very exiting I thought I would share two very good videos with you. I don’t know how you embed videos so you will have to follow the links.

This one is a good one about the history of wool fashion.

Do you know of any good wool or felt videos?

And lastly this is the last day to sign up for the online Concertina Hat Class.

Felted Concertina Hat by Teri Berry


Hat Classwork

Hat Classwork

In September, I took Teri Berry’s first Concertina Hat Class online.  Unfortunately, I didn’t finish on time due to taking another class and travel.  But I’ve completed the first two hats.

Here is the Concertina hat with some silk embellishment:

20161012_152056 20161012_152121 20161012_152109 20161012_152103

I probably could have added a couple more folds, but I kind of like it the way it is.  Of course, my favorite colors.

The next hat was the Snail Hat which was a bit more complicated, but fun to make.

Drying on the hat block:

20161007_160430-1 20161007_160438-1

Finally dry and shaved.

20161014_115005 20161012_151814 20161012_151800 20161012_151736 20161012_151728 20161014_115150-1 I haven’t started the third hat, but will show it here when I do.

Teri is offering the class again November 4.  I highly recommend it.  There was a lot of creativity, sharing of ideas and fun.  For more information or to register:

Here are some of the other hats made by the students:

As you can see no two hats were alike.  Sign up and have some fun!

Making some progress and free give away reminder

Making some progress and free give away reminder

I want to remind everyone you only have a few days left to enter the free draw for a spot in Terri’s Concertina Hat Class. The last day to enter is July 28. Just follow the link.

I finished my triangle scarf this week.

The wool side

finished orange and purple shawl wool side finished orange and purple shawl wool side close

The silk side

finished orange and purple shawl silk side finished orange and purple shawl silk side close

There wasn’t that much shrinkage as it is very cobwebby on the wool side.

I finished the prefelt for the building on a Picture I am working on.

prefelt for picture.

I cut some circles to make little earbud pouches.  Sorry I can’t right now remember who had this great idea to use scrap piece for felt for this. I want to keep my square credit card reader in one.

circles for pouches

I made 2 pieces specially to cut up.

felt for cutting1 felt for cutting1 close angle felt for cutting 2 felt for cutting 2 close angle

I love the way the silk throwsters waist seems to hover on the felt even though it is well attached. The blue one isn’t firm enough so I will rewet it and full it some more.

I also started 2 more. I laid the wool out first. The first one I used on large piece of silk  on top . I added the roving so you could see the colour. I wanted something a little more “masculine”.

peice for cutting dry

The other one I want more texture from the silk so I had to wet the back ground so the silk would stay where and how I put it. I then added some synthetic yarn and put tiny amounts of wool to bridge it and hold it down.  I really like how it looks so I think I will make a scarf in the same design. It is very dark in the picture because it is wet.

peice for cutting 2 wet peice for cutting 2 close angle wet

So that’s been my week in felt.  I hope you have been able to play with some fibers too. Don’t forget to enter the draw for a free hat class.

More hat classes

More hat classes

A week ago I taught 2 hat classes at Alpaca Tracks not to far from where I live.

I had a small class and then a large class. Both were fun to do. The ladies were a fun bunch and although most do the same hat shape they all turn out very different. Please excuse the quality of the pictures but the lighting was not good  for picture taking.

Here they are all busy laying out wool for their hats. I couldn’t get everyone in the picture.

01 Everyone layomg out wool.

I got some pictures as they decorated their hats. The silk caps were very popular.  The first one got some silk hanky flowers on both sides and then a silk cap over top it all.  The next 3 also had silk hankies on them. It is very hard to get pictures because as they get wet they almost disappear. All but the thickest parts. Silk hankies ae great at holding everything under them in place so they felt in really well.

08 hat 05 hat 04 hat 03 hat 02 hat06 hat07 hat There were a few I didn’t get pictures of.  Everyone starts at the same time but then as we progress everyone one gets out of sync.

Here are some of the ladies are finishing up the shrinking on the washboard  and a boot tray.

10 shoe tray 09 washboardRolling on either of these really shrinks things but remember to roll and not rub. Rubbing seems to abrade the surface.

And now for some of the finished hats.

IMG_3780 17 finnished hat 16 finnished hat 15 finnished hat 14 finnished hat 13 finnished hat 12 finnished hat

Here are the front and back of one. I really upped the brightness on the back so you could see some of the colour.

11 finnished hat 11 a finished hat back

As the hats dry, the silk on them reappears. One trick I tell my students is if they want to bring the silk out more when it’s dry, they can shave their hat with a razor. A light shave to take the surface fuzz off makes a big difference to how shiny the silk appears too. I had a great weekend teaching. I real like teaching, seeing everyone’s amazement as their hat takes shape.


Wet felted Hat Class.

Wet felted Hat Class.

I taught a wet felted hat class last week end. I ended up with four students. One unfortunately had to drop out at the last min.

I let students pick the style of hat they want to make.  Two students licked a pixy style to keep warm while having fun outside.

1 laying out wool 2 laying our wool

A hat with no brim and folds and one that will be a fedora style.

3 laying out 4 laying out

Everyone one want some like on their hats. Two chose to use silk caps to cover the whole hat.  The blue hat has silk that had lots of contrast but as it gets wet is seems to disappear.

7 silk hanky 6 silk hanky

One person wanted flowers under the silk cap. They are made by twisting a silk hanky.

5 silk flowers

The fedora will have wisps of silk top.

8 silk wisps

And then we got busy felting and talking and I forgot to take pictures, sorry. I almost forgot to get a picture of them all done. The green one will continue to be worked on. She isn’t sure how she is going to treat he brim. Probably she will roll it to get it to the depth she wants. The fedora will get its brim trimmed and shaped as well.

9 finnished hats

Jans hat Here is one finished. Excuse the Photo. I took it from a facebook message. She took it for me late last night.

Hear is the other pixy hat. You can really see the silk  now.

linas hat

Teaching a hat Class.

Teaching a hat Class.

Yesterday I had a great time at Alpaca Tracks. We did use wool instead of alpaca only because it felts faster so works better for a class. Now they are all ready to make hats from there lovely alpaca’s fibre.

As you can see I am not the only one taking pictures with my phone.

alpaca tracks decoratingEmbellishing

alpaca tracks rubbingRubbing and rollingalpaca tracks rolling

alpaca tracks not quite thereThis one is coming along but is not quite there yet.

The best part of this day was this hat. Not be cause it is an unusual or far out but because it was a reluctant hat. The lady was not sure she wanted to make a hat, she not a hat person, maybe she would sell it.

alpaca tracks reluctant hat

But at the end of the day she loved her hat and was going to keep it for herself.

alpaca tracks happy hat

These two hats turned out great, very mysterious.

alpaca tracks mystereus hat alpaca tracks second mistery


I didn’t get any other hat pictures. wit was a very staggered ending and there where 3 pill box styles that will have to be sewn together after they are dry.

All in all a great day. I think everyone had a good time and was happy with there hats.   And we had crepes for lunch.alpaca tracks crepes