Making some progress and free give away reminder

Making some progress and free give away reminder

I want to remind everyone you only have a few days left to enter the free draw for a spot in Terri’s Concertina Hat Class. The last day to enter is July 28. Just follow the link.

I finished my triangle scarf this week.

The wool side

finished orange and purple shawl wool side finished orange and purple shawl wool side close

The silk side

finished orange and purple shawl silk side finished orange and purple shawl silk side close

There wasn’t that much shrinkage as it is very cobwebby on the wool side.

I finished the prefelt for the building on a Picture I am working on.

prefelt for picture.

I cut some circles to make little earbud pouches.  Sorry I can’t right now remember who had this great idea to use scrap piece for felt for this. I want to keep my square credit card reader in one.

circles for pouches

I made 2 pieces specially to cut up.

felt for cutting1 felt for cutting1 close angle felt for cutting 2 felt for cutting 2 close angle

I love the way the silk throwsters waist seems to hover on the felt even though it is well attached. The blue one isn’t firm enough so I will rewet it and full it some more.

I also started 2 more. I laid the wool out first. The first one I used on large piece of silk  on top . I added the roving so you could see the colour. I wanted something a little more “masculine”.

peice for cutting dry

The other one I want more texture from the silk so I had to wet the back ground so the silk would stay where and how I put it. I then added some synthetic yarn and put tiny amounts of wool to bridge it and hold it down.  I really like how it looks so I think I will make a scarf in the same design. It is very dark in the picture because it is wet.

peice for cutting 2 wet peice for cutting 2 close angle wet

So that’s been my week in felt.  I hope you have been able to play with some fibers too. Don’t forget to enter the draw for a free hat class.

9 thoughts on “Making some progress and free give away reminder

  1. Lots of felt you’ve been working on Ann! It’s all very nice but I really like silk throwsters waste too. I did edit your post so that Teri’s link was clickable. Hope that’s OK.

    1. Thanks Ruth, It looks like more than it is. I need to get working on some bigger things. Thanks for fixing that. I meant to go back and check it and forgot.

  2. I love the scarf Ann – it’s so delicately pretty.

    I like the masculine colours for the felt – great idea – and I’d like to see the last one when it’s dry.

    I wonder what building you are working on?

  3. Beautiful scarf, perfect for summer breezy evenings. I like the masculine colors as well. I had recently made an earbud case, I like that yours will be round. I’m looking forward to the city scene. Love the bold colors of the prefelt.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I need to make a bigger rectangular one for my phone charger. I don’t know how long it will take to picture done. I can be very slow.

  4. I think the hovering silk might be because you’ve chosen opposite colours, Ann, they’re bouncing off my screen! I know what you mean though, it’s one of my favourite embellishment fibres. You’ve got a lot done this week 🙂

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