Online Felted Concertina Hat Class with Teri Berry in August

Online Felted Concertina Hat Class with Teri Berry in August

We are excited to announce that we have a new online class available by Teri Berry.  Here’s what Teri has to say about her class. This four-week, hat making course will initially guide you through the different options for hat blocks (from DIY to the extravagant!) and choosing one to fit. Although this module is technically week 1, I will send it out on receipt of payment so you have as much time as possible to make or buy a hat block if you don’t already have one.

Week 2 will focus on making a stylish or quirky concertina hat and will include guidance on how to create a resist for your head size, how to add a felted “pig tail”, creating a brim and forming sharp folds that remain in place. I will also describe how I blend colours and make the “silk stripes” used on some of my hats.

In week 3 we will make a super-cute snail hat. This tutorial is a must for anyone who hates rolling! I will provide my template for you to enlarge to your hat size (I will provide a useful technique that can be used to enlarge items of clothing that you would like to make in felt but need to allow for the shrinkage). I will then go on to explain how to make the eyes on stalks and securely attach them to the hat as well as well as how to create the shell and shape snail’s foot to form a brim for your hat.

Week 4 will be an opportunity to catch up or make another hat, I will provide examples of other hats and their template designs that used the concertina method which you are welcome to copy or, if you prefer, I am very happy to help you design your own hat using this method. The possibilities are almost endless!

For further information about this wonderful hat making course click here.

If you share a link to this post on your Facebook, Twitter or blog and leave a comment here indicating where you shared it, you will be entered into a prize draw for a free place in this class. If you have already paid for a place and win, your payment will be refunded. The cut off date for entries into the drawing is July 28th. The winner will be announced here on August 1st. If all 30 class places have been filled by July 28th, the winner will be chosen from those who have already paid and shared the post on social media. Good luck!

For those of you that are beginning felt makers, remember that our introduction felting class is always available here.


41 thoughts on “Online Felted Concertina Hat Class with Teri Berry in August

    1. Thanks Judith, I’m really looking forward to it, making hats is enormous fun, even if you don’t plan to wear the finished article yourself! 🙂

  1. I shared it on my FB page as well as on the page for the Auckland Creative Fibre Community.

  2. A question please – is payment only by Paypal? I’d love to enrol bat can’t use Paypal 🙁

  3. I’m with you Judith – I wish I had a hat face too!

    Good luck with the course Teri – your hats are great! I pinned a photo from above to Pinterest and if someone clicks the photo she gets directed to this blog post.

    1. Thank you Lyn, that’s a great idea to use Pinterest too! Afraid I don’t subscribe to the idea that only people who wear hats should make them, I think my hats are all the more wacky and bizarre (and therefore so much fun to make) because I know I will not be wearing them! 🙂

    2. You are right – it doesn’t matter if a hat maker can’t wear her creations – but I really wish I did suit hats when I see all the lovely ones around.

    3. I’m with you there, I don’t really have a hat face either but love watching people trying on my creations, they always have such a giggle! 🙂

  4. I love the snail! I shared this on my FB page…public (Terri Simon). I would love to WIN a seat. I am starting an online class right now with Kristy Kun “Textured Techniques with Needle-Felted Wool.” Guess who is in the class with me…..? Panda girl! Yay Marilyn! We just started receiving our supply packs and Monday will be the first day of online instruction. 😄 A concertina hat class would be a wonderful addition to my felting knowledge. Great post-thank you!

    1. Terri, it looks like we’ll have a busy felting summer!

  5. I can only dream to be able to participate…i am a sculptor,so these hats are amazing in their firmness ,to me.i posted on g+,and pinterest…maybe i still have a chance on winning…thank you 🙂

    1. ok,shared on my FB page…hopefully i will be able to participate,if not by prize,i will pay<…and wish me luck,starting a felting buisness in croatia is an equivalent to flying a spaceshuttle with no fuel 😉

  6. Looks like it will be a great class. I don’t have time for a class at the moment but If you do it again in the new year, I think I will join in. I love to see how others do things.

  7. This course looks great so I have booked a place but winning a free place would be even greater.

  8. Just wondering if there is any room left in this amazing looking course?? And if not, will it be offered again? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jenny, We got your registration and Teri will contact you shortly about the class. And if all the slots are full, Teri is planning another class in the fall.

  9. Hi there! Is it too late to join the class? If it is, are you running another one soon? I’d love to expand my felting knowledge!
    Thank you xx

    1. Hi Emma,

      It is too late to join the class for the November session. Teri will be running this class again in 2017. I will add you to our email notification list for the next class.

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