Hat Classwork

Hat Classwork

In September, I took Teri Berry’s first Concertina Hat Class online.  Unfortunately, I didn’t finish on time due to taking another class and travel.  But I’ve completed the first two hats.

Here is the Concertina hat with some silk embellishment:

20161012_152056 20161012_152121 20161012_152109 20161012_152103

I probably could have added a couple more folds, but I kind of like it the way it is.  Of course, my favorite colors.

The next hat was the Snail Hat which was a bit more complicated, but fun to make.

Drying on the hat block:

20161007_160430-1 20161007_160438-1

Finally dry and shaved.

20161014_115005 20161012_151814 20161012_151800 20161012_151736 20161012_151728 20161014_115150-1 I haven’t started the third hat, but will show it here when I do.

Teri is offering the class again November 4.  I highly recommend it.  There was a lot of creativity, sharing of ideas and fun.  For more information or to register:


Here are some of the other hats made by the students:


As you can see no two hats were alike.  Sign up and have some fun!

24 thoughts on “Hat Classwork

  1. They’re great, Marilyn! There are some amazing hats in the gallery too 🙂 (well done to Teri for exceptional teaching!)

    1. Thanks Zed! Yes, Teri was a great teacher. She gave us a lot of support.

    1. Thanks Cathy! Teri gave us nicely detailed instructions. The hardest part for me was deciding on colors for the snail. 🙂 I’m not sure about an Etsy shop. For now I’ll enjoy them at home.

    1. Thanks Ann! By all means give it a go. I thought you’d done something similar. After all if you can make a horned hat, the concertina should be a breeze. 🙂

  2. Great hats Marilyn and thanks to Teri for offering such a fun class! Are you going to wear the hats? Or will they be sculptures to admire? 😉

    1. Thanks Ruth! I may wear the snail on Halloween when handing out candy. Otherwise, they will be sculptures until my grandkids come to visit. I’m sure they’d have a ball with them.

  3. Wow Marilyn –you’ve been SO busy! I love the hats. Wearing the snail hat to pass out treats on Halloween is perfect. I was wondering where you would wear it…perhaps not to the grocery store, but then again, think about all the fun comments you’d get from random strangers admiring it! Very nice work! I just signed up for the online eco printing class with Nicola Brown. It starts at the end of the month–I’m super excited. I believe there are a few spots still available if anyone is interested. Her first online eco class sold out in 36 hours. This is the second… Online courses are so convenient and such a great way to learn new techniques. Teri’s hat class looks really fun.

    1. Thanks for the info on Nicola’s class Terri! I’d love to take another class with you. I’m new to eco printing as well, but my winter travels do start soon, but I will check it out.

      I look forward to seeing your dyeing adventures. Have fun!

  4. Thanks Terri! I can just imagine the stares at the grocery store. If I wear it Halloween, I hope I don’t scare the kids. But you’re right, it’s a good conversation piece.

    Nicola must have added another class when I checked it was full. Have fun and please share your class work with us!

    Teri’s class was fun, a lot of creativity and inspiration.

    1. Marilyn, it might have been the first class that sold out so fast. If you are still interested, try this link: https://clasheen.com/2016/10/16/another-online-workshop-launches-and-faq/ There is an embedded link at the bottom to register. I believe she intends to have a third class in Jan or Feb, as I think your traveling adventures start soon and this current class might not work for you. The good news is that she keeps the class available for a full six months online. It would be fun to have you in the class! 🙂 I will be happy to share my dye results, as a 100% newbie dyer.

  5. Fantastic hat(s)! What fun. I am so glad there is a way for me to see what others are doing with felt around the world. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for plugging the next class Marilyn and I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the class, I love quirky, fun hats and yours definitely fit the bill! You did a great job on the eyestalks too, it is quite tricky to get them that long and still hold their shape! Would love to see the reactions you get handing out candies with a snail on your head! 🙂

    1. You’re welcome Teri! It was a fun class. I hope others sign up and join the fun. I did work hard on the eyestalks. They are indeed hard.

      If I wear the hat, I’ll let everyone know on the forum how it worked out.

      Good luck with your next class! Thanks again!

  7. Wow and wow!! Your results are fabulous! Well done to Teri too, obviously a good tutor. I’m just hoping I’m not too late to sign up for the next class.

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