Deconstructed Screen Printing

Deconstructed Screen Printing

My local group met last week and we did more deconstructed screen printing. We all enjoy this process so we usually end up at least one of our sessions per year doing screen printing. I did write a post to show the screens before they were printed here. We used thickened fiber reactive dyes that print on cotton and silk.


We were a small group this time so we got lots of prints. I don’t have any photos of Louise’s silk but I will try to get some photos at our next meeting. I printed on cotton and paper. I have a large stash of printed fabric and paper and I just keep adding to it. So before you ask, I don’t know what I will do with these yet.

The photos above (plus the first photo) are all printed on cotton. All of the screens already had dried dye in them and then we added further colors when printing. I tried some different techniques including brushing on the thickened dye with a dry brush and adding two layers of dye and letting them dry in between applications.

These are all printed on paper. I just love the random, serendipitous prints that you get from this process. You are never sure how they will turn out but I generally end up liking them all.

You can screen print on felt. I have an online class that teaches you how to screen print on wool and if you’re interested in taking the class in 2017, just leave me a note (including what class you are interested in) on our contact us form.

14 thoughts on “Deconstructed Screen Printing

  1. With a few of your artistic pen strokes, I reckon you could convert the top one to a cityscape!

    I like the randomness of pattern and the colours are delicious. Your stash must look impressive now and you won’t ever be short of a background.

  2. Yes… got great results…..and it was interesting to hear about your experiments….that’s what is so appealing to me about deconstructed screen printing……there are so many ways to approach it!

  3. Beautiful prints Ruth. I love the randomness and the melding of colors. I’m curious, the ones you do on fabric, can they be used for wet felting or will they lose the color and texture?

    1. Thanks Marilyn, you can print on fabric to nuno felt. These have all been rinsed and washed so there won’t be any further color loss.

  4. If you ever feel like moving to the UK for a year or so, I know of a group where you’d be welcome each week to play around and teach different techniques 🙂

    1. Heh 🙂 Actually, flying between European countries/cities is really cheap, something like £50 between here and many cities. I know many people do it, but I can’t imagine what the planning would be like!

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