Makers Faire

Makers Faire

Last weekend we did a demo at the makers fair.  It was the busiest dem I have ever done.  Next year we will take more people. Almost 6000 adult ticket were sold. Children were free. My voice was almost gone by the end of the first day. I wondered if I would be able to talk on Sunday. But years of practice talking too much paid off and I was good to go in the morning and lasted all day.


Jan is on the left for weaving, Elizabeth in the middle doing spinning and weaving and then my place is on the right were I had people making wet felted felt beads.

And a little closer, the elephant was made by Elizabeth on a ridged  heddle loom.


This is my how to make a had display


These are the guild sample books. One for sheep, one for other animal fibers and cullies fibers, and one to other fibers. the black at the front is Kevlar.


First Jan dressed her loom, and then started a sample piece for a Viking blanket. She has found information on several way these were done so now she is figuring out what will work best for her.

jan-dressing-her-loom jan-weaving

And this was me most of both days. Jan had a hard time getting a picture of me as I was always surrounded by not just children but also adults wanting a turn.


One of the Leaders form this group came and made a bead so she could use it as a spacer in one of the machines that had some had some metal parts hitting each other.


There was lots of variety. There must have been a doz 3D printers. But some low tech stuff too.

18 thoughts on “Makers Faire

  1. Would have loved to have been there…such a wonderful variety of makers! I would be interested in hearing more about Jan’s exploration of Viking woven blankets. Does she have a blog? Thanks, Ann, for sharing.

    1. It was a lot of fun, Jan doesn’t have a blog. not sure why se is a great storey teller. I will try to get her to do a post about the blanket here.

  2. Wow, what a great faire. So many things to see and experience. Your booth looked great. I love the little bear hat! It sounds like you inspired new felters young and old! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. That’s Chester the sheep. He needs a new hat really that one is looking a little worse for the wear. I am hoping we have, there was lots of interest in our workshops.

  3. I’d love to have been there. I laughed about the person making the felt bead to use as a spacer and I liked the ‘how to make a hat’ table. Yes, I can just about see you through the scrum around your table – I bet you inspired some new felters over the weekend.
    The non-fibre exhibits are fascinating too – I like the puppets and 3D printing and paper kits.
    I didn’t know that Dr Who had crossed the pond. In the 60’s I liked to watch Dr Who but I was frightened by the daleks! Those early episodes look hammy now but they seemed very real back in the day.

    1. Thanks Lyn, Dr. Who crossed a long time ago. I was watching when I was a kid too, Tom Baker and his scarf. They are on Netflix. My kids love them. Have you seen the angel episodes. those will keep you on your toes next time you are in a church.

  4. Looks like you had a very successful weekend, converting everyone to the joys of fibre arts! The how to make a hat display is a great idea, having tried to explain this to the public multiple times with limited success I can see it being very useful!

  5. Great job Ann. I took the yurt to one of these several years ago. But it was only one day. Can’t imagine making it through 2 days with my voice intact!

  6. You reminded me of makefest, Ann, and how hard that was on the voice! It looks like you’d need a week to have a proper look at everything there! IT’s nice people get to see a variety of technology from old to new 🙂

  7. Cute stuff! My experience at MakerFaires are that they are heavily kid and family oriented, with a sprig of random adult artists, engineers, and the like. They can be a good place to sell your stuff if you do it right. Old time craft show stuff? Not so much. But if your goods are somewhat science related then they will do well.

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