Old Pieces and New Pieces

About 7 years ago, I made this piece of nuno felt:

3466795176_8ec2f85e3b_oIt seemed like the perfect piece for making into a money purse, so that’s what I did:

4586142539_44ff9a91e4_oI made a section with a zip for coins and a section behind that for my Supermarket ‘loyalty cards’:

open-purse-newWhen I was writing a blog post not so long ago about liking to use nuno felt for coin purses because they’re hard wearing and don’t pill/bobble much, I thought I should photograph my purse one day to show how it has held up. So, I did! This sits in the bottom of my bag and has done for at least 6 years since I made it, and the only noticeable difference (to me, anyway) is the curve on the flap where it closes, and on the bottom from the weight of coins, so it doesn’t lie flat when opened anymore:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI forgot to take a photo of the front with it closed, but this is a photo of the back, not bad for 6 years old, is it?!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA couple of years ago I stitched together some felt offcuts, then put the piece through the washing machine. I’m sure I blogged about it, but I can’t find it to show the original piece, sorry. Anyway, the last time I had the sewing machine out, I made a pouch from the felt piece. I used a woven wristband cut in half for the closure:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe only recent things I’ve managed to make are some more of those scruffy/tassley pieces I’ve shown before. I wanted a couple more samples in neutral/less ‘delicate’ colour schemes, so made a black and red piece:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, a black and white piece:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd because I love supermacros, a close up of some visoce texture:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEdit: How to Make a coin purse with a zip tutorial: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zedster01/albums/72157626049445520

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18 Responses to Old Pieces and New Pieces

  1. I’m very impressed how well your nuno felt purse has stood the test of time! And the idea of using a bracelet for a closure is very clever.

    • zedster66 says:

      Thanks a lot 🙂
      I went through all sorts of things before I stumbled on the bracelet idea!

  2. ruthlane says:

    Wow, the coin purse is very sturdy for sure! I would love to see how you put your zipper in. I always have such a problem with zippers and they don’t lay very flat when I am finished. I love the texture pieces especially the red and black.

  3. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    I love the scruffy texture pieces. It’s great your card purse has held up so well. I’m with Ruth, zippers aren’t my favorite. Although when I was sewing I certainly used plenty, but I’ve become a Velcro/ snap person. 🙂 What’s your secret? I’ll bet patience has something to do with it.

    • zedster66 says:

      Thanks, Marilyn 🙂
      Me too, and so does everyone who makes them, a great intro to felt making with lots of scope for exploring without expectations of being neat or worrying about holes! I don’t like zips, either, they’re convenient to use, but annoying to put in, and most of the purses I make now don’t have them, just sections! I added a link to the post, showing the sip/purse tutorial.

    • Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

      Nice tut. Thanks for posting.

  4. Lyn says:

    Ruth is right – your zipper is very neat! The purse has stood the test of time and I don’t think people appreciate how hard wearing felt is – I’ve had the same handmade felt tea-cosy for years now and it’ll probably see me out.
    The textured pieces are lovely and they look a bit ‘alien’ – straight from a sci-fi story.

    • zedster66 says:

      Thanks, Lyn 🙂
      Oh, the things my felt tea mat goes through! Luckily it’s all natural colours, so disguises tea, coffee and many cooking spills and stains. The colour of the water when I soak it though, and I have had to get the brush to it a few times when pasta sauce or curry has dried on it! I can imagine it’s a bit smaller and thicker than it was originally though 🙂

  5. Leonor says:

    Your purse has really stood the test of time, Zed! Either that, or your handbag is the neatest in the world 😀

    • zedster66 says:

      You picture me with a handbag, Leonor?! 🙂
      Thanks, I actually use a lightweight nylon drawstring backpack thingie, and the purse outlasted it, a hole wore into it where it rubbed against my back! I’m terrible for packing my bag with ‘just in case’ things, so even I’m surprised how well it faired really.

  6. Teri Berry says:

    Wow, I’m hugely impressed to discover the purse is 6 years old, I’ve never made a felt purse but all my felt bags have pilled terribly within a year or two, even one that was nuno, I wore through the silk where it rubbed against my body!

    • zedster66 says:

      Thanks Teri 🙂
      I’ve had the same thing with bags too, especially my camera bag, so I try to use firmer nuno pieces for the part where they rub, but I think they have more wear and tear than purses. I’ll let you know if I have one last more than a couple of years!

  7. Impressed with your coin purse and it’s good looking longevity!! Really love the texture on your tassel pieces too.

  8. great little purse to last so long and look so good. the abstract pieces are cool. a series of them mounted would make a great art feature.

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