Felting soap and a Hat Class

Felting soap and a Hat Class

With the arrival of fall I don’t seem to have much time to felt. Today I have to make some felted Soap for the museum store. I thought I would show you how I do it. I do it  little differently then Leonor Calaca  showed you in September. felting-soap Please remember there is no one right way so you will probably find other ways to do it on line too.  They are all good.  

Here everything is ready to start. these are my bins of small amounts.


I wrap wool around the sides and then around the whole thing. The green was a small piece of a batt I had and the red is combed top.

wrap-one-way wrap-the-other-waywrap-the-other-way-2

Than I wrap either a thin piece of wool top or a piece of silk hanky

wrap-the-other-way wrap-some-thin-roving wrap-some-thin-roving-2

Then into a piece on nylon to hold it all together. I make up a bunch and then take them to the living room so I can watch TV while doing the felting.

place-in-nylon soap-pile


Once its felted I put it on a cake drying wrack to dry. I am afraid I only gat as far as the pile above and then my grandchildren showed up for an unexpected visit. So here is a picture of some I did another time, drying.

felted soap

The other thing I wanted to do was remind everyone , especially the people that missed the last one that Terry Berry is doing another Concertina hat class on November 4. Everyone in the last class had a great time. Here is the link to the class. Felted-concertina-hat-with-teri-berry and her is the link to some of the hats people made in class. felted-concertina-hat-gallery

Felted Concertina Hat by Teri Berry


10 thoughts on “Felting soap and a Hat Class

  1. Felting is great…but the rubbing or rolling can go on a bit longer than is desireable, so getting a pile ready to work at whilst watching tv is a good idea. I often listen to the radio.
    Your felted soaps are very pretty and will be appreciated by the museum store.

  2. It is a tedious process to make the soaps, but you’re idea to do it while watching tv is great. But I can only imagine the looks I’d get dragging a pot of soapy water into the living room. :-0

  3. Great soaps Ann. I do mine in a similar fashion although I haven’t made any for a while. Maybe I should try selling some at the store. What kind of soap do you put inside?

    1. thanks Ruth, They sell really well at shows and in the museum store. Lavender is by far the favourite, but I have some rose and other flowers and some fruit ones. Something woodsy might sell well where you are. I used to have one like that when I made soap. Men seemed to like it. It had balsam and pine in it.

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