More hat classes

More hat classes

A week ago I taught 2 hat classes at Alpaca Tracks not to far from where I live.

I had a small class and then a large class. Both were fun to do. The ladies were a fun bunch and although most do the same hat shape they all turn out very different. Please excuse the quality of the pictures but the lighting was not good  for picture taking.

Here they are all busy laying out wool for their hats. I couldn’t get everyone in the picture.

01 Everyone layomg out wool.

I got some pictures as they decorated their hats. The silk caps were very popular.  The first one got some silk hanky flowers on both sides and then a silk cap over top it all.  The next 3 also had silk hankies on them. It is very hard to get pictures because as they get wet they almost disappear. All but the thickest parts. Silk hankies ae great at holding everything under them in place so they felt in really well.

08 hat 05 hat 04 hat 03 hat 02 hat06 hat07 hat There were a few I didn’t get pictures of.  Everyone starts at the same time but then as we progress everyone one gets out of sync.

Here are some of the ladies are finishing up the shrinking on the washboard  and a boot tray.

10 shoe tray 09 washboardRolling on either of these really shrinks things but remember to roll and not rub. Rubbing seems to abrade the surface.

And now for some of the finished hats.

IMG_3780 17 finnished hat 16 finnished hat 15 finnished hat 14 finnished hat 13 finnished hat 12 finnished hat

Here are the front and back of one. I really upped the brightness on the back so you could see some of the colour.

11 finnished hat 11 a finished hat back

As the hats dry, the silk on them reappears. One trick I tell my students is if they want to bring the silk out more when it’s dry, they can shave their hat with a razor. A light shave to take the surface fuzz off makes a big difference to how shiny the silk appears too. I had a great weekend teaching. I real like teaching, seeing everyone’s amazement as their hat takes shape.


14 thoughts on “More hat classes

  1. It looks like everyone had fun 🙂 How long do your hat classes last, Ann? Do you demo the layout first or do they copy along with you?

    1. I demo as we go. I just use different students layouts to demo. Moving around to make sure everyone has it. sometimes you have o show a different way for someone that is having a hard time.

    2. I forgot to tell you how long. I do 10-4 with an hour for lunch. we usually finish early but I don’t want people to feel rushed if they are a bit slow.

    1. Thanks Lyn. I am hoping so . everyone seem happy. I do watch for people that seem disappointed and see if we ca fix what ever they don’t like. It’s usually not to hard to fix what ever they don’t like. it is usually because they have stopped fulling to soon just because someone else is finished.

  2. A great collection of hats. It looks as if they enjoyed the class as much as you enjoyed teaching it. I wish I lived closer. Hats are on my list of things to do. What do you use to shape and dry them?

    1. I wish you were closer too. I do have a few Franks raffia hat blocks but you don’t need them. I use them mostly to keep my sizing consistent. Your head is your best hat block. We spin them out in a salad spinner and then either put it on a tall can like a tomato juice can or a cake cooling wrack. so the air can get at all of it. You don’t want the water to pool in the brim and then sit there.

  3. Looks like fun Ann. I’m sure you are a good teacher because you keep getting lots of students. 🙂 And they all seem pretty pleased.

  4. I love the bonnet style hat! Puts me in the mood to read Jane Austen 🙂

    Glad you have fun with the classes, Ann, your students also seem very pleased with themselves, so everyone had a good time!

    1. Thanks. Leonor, It does look like a bonnet in the picture but it actually has points that come forward. It the black hat at the bottom of the wet hat pictures. she wanted to pul them back and pin them.

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