Throwback Posts: How To

Throwback Posts: How To

Jan has still not got any power/electricity at her house so I am filling in with a post. We have a menu item for tutorials but not all our ‘how to’ posts are included. So I thought I would bring your attention to some of the past posts that are mini tutorials. Enjoy!

How to make a felted bangle bracelet.

How to make prefelt.

Felted Cat Cave

How to Ice Dye Fabric


Stitching a Felt Kindle Case

All about felting needles.

Making Felt Balls in Bulk

Influencing Shape with Prefelt

Textured Felt in the Washing Machine

Making a Felt Feather

Felting Soap

Dyeing with Avocado Pits

Tips on Beading

Color Mixing Wool

Bubble Hat

Batch Editing in Photoshop

Transferring Photos with Matte Medium

Felt Scrap Bowl Tutorial

Degumming Silk Throwsters Waste


I hope you enjoy all the posts and hopefully, there are some that you haven’t seen yet. I am sure that I probably showed a post or two that’s on the tutorial pages but I got carried away looking at old posts. It’s funny how you don’t remember what you posted about!

17 thoughts on “Throwback Posts: How To

  1. I really enjoyed looking through these mini tutorials – some I’d seen before and some not. Such a wealth of experience and knowledge freely shared gave me a nice happy glow.

  2. A wonderful collection of mini tutorials that come from ‘experience’ meaning we don’t have to create our own square wheel first.
    Thank you to all our tutors & for the reminder – I will store this post safely.

    1. Thanks Antje, it was fun looking back through old posts to see what I could find. I’m sure there are more, just have to find them. Leonor, I agree, a tutorial from Antje would be great 🙂

    1. Thanks Leonor for the great post about felting soap. I didn’t even remember that you did that post until I was searching for ‘how to’ posts.

  3. I’ve just surfaced after spending at least a couple of hours reading posts. The trouble is every time you get to the end of one, you see what was before and after and end up going down that rabbit hole too.
    I came across your early paper fabric lamination posts that way Ruth and they’ve given me some more ideas on what to do with these fabrics. Add it to the list!
    This post was such a good idea, it is good to be prompted to look back at some of the earlier posts, especially those that were put up before I joined. Might it be an idea to do this say once a year? Though I’ll need to put aside quite some time for the resulting rabbit holes!

    1. Thanks Ann, I am glad you found it interesting to see some of our older posts. And yes, it would be a good idea to revisit posts on a yearly basis.

  4. Great post Ruth. So many superb projects. They never age. FFS is an incredible repository of tutorials. Helene

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Helene. I am so happy that FNFS has developed into a great go to place for learning and information.

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