Another small picture

Another small picture

I am still all packed up so decided to do another small picture. This one is 3.5 x2.5 inches. I wanted to do a sunset. Step one google sunset pictures in the public domain. Well, that was disappointing. It seems that the popular configuration is oversaturated with the blinding sun dead center and if there is anything else in the picture it is a black silhouette. I was looking for something more subdued with lots of colour in the sky but with colour still in the landscape. I tried adding qualifying words to my google search but it didn’t help. I just kept scrolling and scrolling. The further away from the top hits the better it got. Sometimes page 5 has better pictures than the first page.


I started with this small piece of offcut from a long-ago project. I think it was a little bag.

I decided to go with my imagination rather than an actual picture.  Drew in the horizon, the lake, the hill and an indication of trees. I knew the trees would disappear under the sky so not much point to that.


I added some sky using 2 shades of blue.  I used 3 shades of orange and a little white to do some nice sunset-kissed streaky clouds in the sky.



The water was next. It is a combination of Prussian blue and navy.


I added the grass. It is antique, olive green and a puter/brown colour. I was thinking of late in the year when the grass turns golden. I carded the colours together but not too much so I would have some nice variation.


Then I added the cloud reflection in the water.

I wanted some trees on the ridge. I want the ridge to be in the distance with the trees striking up a little. I don’t like them. they look too much like they belong at a Christmas tree farm, so I took them off.


Next, I tried mixing some shades of green and then drafting it thin. I told it in my fingers to give it some cohesion and needled 3 trees on the ridge. I like these better but am still not sure. I think I probably just need to not look at them so closely. The thumbnails that show along the bottom of my photo editing software look better than the big picture but it’s twice as big as the actual picture so it shows too much detail. I would like to add more trees but not sure it won’t just end up looking like a green blob. I may leave it and more onto the flowers in the foreground. Any suggestions for the trees.



For the next one, I hope to go bigger. I always want to add too much detail and it’s just not possible with a small picture.

And one last thing, a cute thing. This is Storm. He was born on Saturday. we have no idea who his mom is. Perhaps the storm spooked her.

We had a huge storm in Ontario it took out power to most of the south of the province. We were out for a little over a day. Many people are still out. You may not see Jan in 2 days. It hasn’t been like this since the Icestorm of 1998. At least the weather is better for this one.

here’s the outage map the darker green is the area the hydro company covers and all the dots are the numbers of outages in that area. London, Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa have separate hydro companies but they all have huge outages too. if you follow the link you can zoom in and see different areas.














16 thoughts on “Another small picture

  1. I know what you mean about sunset images – very bright and “in your face”. Try googling “Twilight skies” and I think you’ll get what you need.
    For the Trees, try first putting the trunk and some of the bigger branches and then adding some loose fibre for leaves. Late in the year, this might be what you will see, especially if you add a bit of Autumn (Fall?) colour. I like how you have done this with the grass. Perhaps you could add some leaves on the ground beneath the trees.
    I love Storm and I’m glad that he’s safe with you as his mum. I hope his own mum isn’t too distressed at his disappearance. If you find out who she is, would she recognise and accept him do you think?

    1. Twilight gets you much better skies, thanks. That’s the way I usually do trees. This is just to small. I may just add some colour in patches like flowers. I wish she had been upset he was missing than we would have found her and got them together. So far he is a very good lamb, not to much complaining. He is so cute racing around the room trying to figure out running and jumping. Unfortunately after a couple of days it is to late as a rule.

  2. Storm is a sweetie! And speaking of storms you really had a nasty one to deal with.

    If you’re unhappy with the trees take them off completely and just concentrate on foreground florals that could reach quite high in places on your landscape?

    1. He is very sweet. The storm was bad. We were very lucky and grateful for it.
      Yes I think I will probably remove them and just add some distant colour. Than the flowers in the front. I am thinking of mostly dyed locks.

  3. Storm is adorable! You’re lucky I’m not your neighbour or I’d be sneaking in to pet him 🙂

    I’m surprised at the amount of detail you’re managing to add to such a small project (I had to go look up how big it was in metric, haha). I have no suggestion to add in regards to the trees, other than to say if you don’t like them, just put something else there. A fence? A clown? Ok, now I’m being silly. Off I go.

    1. If you were my neighbour you might find he has moved into your place. 🙂
      And yet I want more detail. I always want more than the size will allow. I did tear the merino top down to about 1 inch or 2-3 centimetres. 90% of my wool is merino top. Short fibre merino would work really well here.
      A clown, you are so funny 😎

  4. I am inspired by the detail you created in such a small space. Did you use a magnifying lens?

    1. Hi, Thanks, I hope you give it a try. It’s fun to use up some off cuts. I didn’t magnify it, there isn’t a lot of detail. Layers are what you need. Start with what ever is farthest away and move forward.

  5. Your picture is coming along nicely. I like Lyn’s idea of removing the trees altogether and just do larger foreground grass/flowers.

    Storm is adorable and has an appropriate name. The storm you had is a real disaster, isn’t it? So many people affected and the loss of life is always terrible.

    1. Thanks Ruth. I am mostly happy with it. I have to find my locks to add some flowery things to the front. The storm was terrible, we were very lucky. The loss of life is so sad I am happy that there wasn’t more with all the trees and hydro poles that came down.

  6. Amazing how you make such a small item evoke so much atmosphere Ann.
    I agree about the trees being felled 🤪 in favour of more foreground. Perhaps you could include tall grasses or perhaps some foxglove/cow parsley/ladies lace type plants on the right foreground to cover the former tree area.

    As humans we occasionally need a nudge to remind us we do not have everything under our control. But it is sad when Mother Nature shows her might with tragic consequences. I hope the weather stays warmish until folk are all reconnected.

    If many of us lived closer to you Storm, as he is now (cute), would have a whale of a time visiting all his ‘fibre aunties’. Getting older he might find those same aunties trying to comb him for some unfathomable reason 🤪

    1. it does seem the trees are a flop. at least there easy to take off, flowers it is.
      Mother nature does have a temper sometimes.
      I am sure he would love all the attention, especially if you feed him. He thinks he is starving.

  7. I know what you mean about smaller pieces, and adding details. I’m in awe of those, who are able to do minute little pieces. I do love a colorful sunrise or sunset. I took photos in Hilton Head this year, so I would have them for reference.

    Storm is a sweet little lamb. I’m partial to black sheep, and black cats. Very misunderstood creatures, in my experience. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. I think as long as I don’t try to be to finicky, the small ones work out well. I need to take more pictures. My husband has been getting lots of sunrises. I need to collect them on the computer.
    I am partial to black sheep too. I hope I can find a black, blue faced leiceter or other similar black ram.

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