Small picture finished up

Small picture finished up

This week  I managed to finish the small picture I started in the last post,  ……well……last night, actually. Nothing like a deadline to get you moving. here’s the other post if you’re interested:

If you remember, I was debating removing the trees and last week, I was going to rip them off.  This week, looking at it again, I decided to leave them.  The foreground is going to be flowers. I started with some green Bluefaced Leicester curls. I love Bluefaced Leicester curls, they are small tight curls with lots of shine.  I stretched them out so they would look more grass-like.


After adding a few of these, I started using pink, blue, and purple curls to make flowers. I just needled a blob down and cut it off.


I wasn’t very happy at this point. It was ok but not great.


I decided to follow the advice Ruth gave me when stitching my mixed media experimental piece a while back; add more, just keep going. So I did more leaves and more flowers.  Now it’s a pretty little picture( 3.5 x2.5 inches or 9×6.5 cm). And the trees look good in the far distance I think.


I like it much more now. I think I will like it more later. I always seem to lake them more in a week or so. How about you? Do you like your work better when it’s first done or a little( or a lot ) later?

16 thoughts on “Small picture finished up

  1. I think that looks “pretty as a picture” Ann. Loved seeing your beautiful photos as the picture progressed, wonderful detail and insight in to the process.
    Yes I am with you on the leaving projects for a few days and then coming back to them with fresh eyes. I have been known to leave mine for a bit longer …… I have just resurrected a tote bag I made some years ago, finally put some buttons on and its good to go. Also some projects just need to be changed up to new things, re styled or re worked – I have an oven cloth that was for quite a while going to be a bag. I stitched it , I re-felted it, I tried all sorts to make that darn bag work, until I gave in and cut the bag up to use as a very good and handy oven mitt. It has been saving our hands for some years now.

    1. Thanks. I have a few things that have been made into hot pads to save the table top. Oven mitts are a great solution to projects that refuse to work the way we want them too.

  2. I hadn’t realised quite how small this picture was until I saw the picture of your fingers beside it. All the more kudos to you Ann for making a good picture this small. I like the flowers, the blue faced (nearly typed “red” – no, silly, that’s cheese) Leicester curls work really well there. I like the cloud reflections in the lake too. Great work.

    1. Yes it is quite small. It’s about all I have room or time for at the moment. But I am enjoying them. I was really please with the clouds and reflection. I will probably do more small ones until I can get more work done in the new studio. It still needs a sink. I need at least one more set of draws for storing things. But soon I hope I will be sorting things out.

  3. ‘Pretty’ seems such a trite word to use, but your picture is so pretty, I really think it would make a lovely framed miniature landscape. Beautiful.

  4. I really like this small picture, I like all your small pictures. To answer your question about how I feel after doing a protracted project – I hate it when it’s done. Mostly because I’m so tired of looking at it. But after a little while it starts looking better and better.

    1. Thanks, yes sometimes thing I remember hating pop out of a box while searching for something else and I think oh that’s nice, not at all the way I remember it.

  5. Good job Ann! I’m impressed with the details you achieved in such a small picture. Framing shouldn’t be too hard as it’s small. Much easier than my big pieces. Glad my advice to keep going has helped 😊

  6. Great little picture Ann! yes i think more is more with the flowers, less is just an almost empty feeld or maybe the after math of a goat or sheep passing (now out of vew of the picture). when working small just a suggetion of someting often works better than labouring over getting every blade of grass exact.

    as you have noticed i will put a project down and think about it for days or months. its not usualy forgotten just wating for the rite fiber or colour or thinking through a design aspect that i am woffeling on. comeing back i will also see with fresh eyes so my brain will actualy look criticaly at what i am doing. Using a Merror or digital fotography will also help vewing your work afresh so you dont have to wate a while and revisit it.

    i hope you bring the little picture to library day so i can see it in person!

  7. I bow down in deep respect for this little picture and you Ann. It is exquisite and your eyesight must be amazing. Love it!

  8. I think it looks very cute, and the fact it’s small only adds to it (I love me some miniatures). The flowers really do add a special touch and make the whole picture come together.
    You’re right, oftentimes we can dislike a project but if we give it some time and come back later, or keep going, things change and suddenly we like it again. It’s a magical process 🙂

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