Making felt ball in bulk

Making felt ball in bulk

This exercise started with me wanting to make some felt cubes and triangular prisms to make a more 3D version of a sky view landscape. the first thing I thought of doing to get the shapes was to felt around some small wooden blocks. I spit some into roof shapes and some in half for shorter cubes. Although this seemed like a good idea it was not very successful. the pointy corners proved to be a problem and adding more wool would just start rounding them too much.

Then I was talking to the group and Lyn said to try squishing them into squares when you making them. Well of course why didn’t I think of that. Now I need to make balls and I had been thinking I should try making a bunch of them, why make 4 if you can make more. I had seen a video of them making large numbers all at once in Nepal. So off to google how to do that. There are several videos on how to do this. Living felt has the best one.

Step one roll up some wool for the beads. I wrapped the wool around a chopstick and poked it a few times with a felting needle to hold it while I make more.

Once I had a bunch ready I added some soapy water. Just ad a little then roll them around the container to absorb it. Then add a

little more until they are wet but not soggy.

Then I popped the lid on and started rolling them around and shaking them until they were felted. This works really well and doesn’t take long at all. I rinsed them and couldn’t believe how dirty the water was.

Now I need to full them, I put them on a towel and used the starburst lid of my container to roll them around. adding pressure as I went.


On to a drying wrack.

I squished a few into the right shapes for my picture

I haven’t started the picture yet. I did make a sheep glasses holder for my granddaughter who just got glasses. I flattened the bottom so it wouldn’t roll. You rest the glasses on the lamb’s nose. His nose I a bit piggish but he was gone to her bedroom to find the best place for him before I could fix it.

And just to throw another spanner( or 2 )  in the works we started having lambs ( early, rams are very sneaky and quick when they want to be) got our new puppy. not sure how much felting will be going on but I usually do best when I have no time. Always seems to motivate me and create ideas.

Ava: 8 weeks

16 thoughts on “Making felt ball in bulk

  1. Ann, you just spoiled a really informative piece with that last photo. All those super details faded away and have been replaced by “aw I want to give puppo a big fat hug and play” how is she settling in?

  2. Oops that post was from me! For some reason my email has disappeared. Anyway just to identify myself here 😊

    1. Helene she is so cute isn’t she. Her name is Ava. I edited that into the post. She is settling in and is really good at playing and eating and sleeping but most of all she is good at making us put off doing other things to play and cuddle.

  3. Yep, me too. He’s (she?) gorgeous. I like your version of mass production. Thanks for the info.
    I have always had problems making felt balls/beads. I used to be able to do it no problem, but when someone’s watching me (like in a workshop) they always end up with a “mouth”. I then read an article in, I think, Felt magazine (from Aussi) by a girl who just poked fibres inside a small container, added soapy water and shook it about. That got the ball started properly and then she finished off rolling it in her hands, as you do. I took this a step further and filled lots of little containers (the plastic inserts from Kinder Eggs) and put them all inside a larger container and shook them. It worked well, but you needed ear plugs.
    I used to do this when attending our local agricultural show with our Guild. It really caught the punters’ attention and brought them in to see what was going on.
    I really must find something to do with all those balls/beads I’ve made.

    1. She is a girl and her name is Ava. I edited it into the post. not sure why I didn’t put that in in the first place.
      I have the crack problem too. I am told it is because we are using to much pressure to soon so we are squishing it instead of shrinking it. the same happens with ropes if you go to fast. this way eliminated that. I will probably put them in to things to create bubble shapes. I don’t know what.

  4. Never mind the felting – how lucky you are to have cuddles with your gorgeous new puppy!

    Well done on the felt ‘balls’ – looking forward to seeing them in your new piece.

    Absolutely love the glasses holder – what a fab idea!

    1. Thanks Lyn, she is a great little distraction. She needs watching closely she is into everything. I am not sure exactly what I will do with the balls but they are handy to have around. Autumn seems to like it . So far she likes her glasses.

  5. I’ll avoid the obvious coming first 😊

    Your balls have come out great & squishing them into shape has worked, avoiding the sharp pokey out wood corners. Looking forward to seeing your little structures. I’ve watched the same videos & like you had much success rolling multiple same-size balls. In my case rolling them between the underside of a tray and an IKEA drawer liner gradually adding downward pressure. Making them makes me smile – it is like herding sheep….there are always escapees!

    Your granddaughter must be thrilled with her glasses holder which will help ease any angst she may have.

    Busy Rams = early lambs….you will have your hands full from now on. Spring is definitely in the air.

    Now to the obvious….Ava is sooooooo cute. Your concentration will never be the same again….ever….but she will reward you a 1000-fold. Each day will be completely new, filled with excitement to see you, play & just be in your company. But watch out for her pin sharp teeth!

    1. Thanks Antje, now I need to actually do my piece and not just think about it. The balls were a lot of fun to do and they do try to escape.
      We were surprised by the lambs we thought we had managed to avoid escapes this year. oh well mother nature has her own ideas.
      I am happy to have Ava underfoot. We had boarder collies the last 2 times and I had forgotten how nice it is to have a springer puppy, such different types of dogs to boarder collies. oh yes those needle teeth. She has lots of toys to distract her with.

  6. you could make the greenish and brownish balls trees to go with your buildings. or if its fall pick some of the colourful ones!!
    i have never thot of a glasses rest. i have always left them on my face because i couldn’t see where i had put them if i took them off! also, your dreams will all be blurry if you don’t have your glasses on!!
    Congratulations again on your gorgeous new Dottor Ava and your spontaneous Living room Decor (lambs-in-a-box) everyone will want living room lambs now that you have them again!! (The little black ram was particularly cute! if he has a nice coat i hope you keep him!!!!)

    1. The balls may get used for trees. I may need smaller ones for that.
      Most people take their glasses off to sleep. sleeping in glasses sounds uncomfortable. The lamb gives her a place to put them every time so there is hunting for glasses in the morning.
      Ava Is very cute.
      We are not as exited about lambs in the living room as you are. LOL perhaps I could lend you a couple and share the fun. They get fed 4 times a day. 😉

  7. Thanks for the instructions Ann for the mass production of wool balls. I will have to give that a go. I haven’t seen the videos. I am looking forward to seeing how the square ones work in your landscape.

    The lamb glasses holder is adorable and I think the nose is just fine, not too piggy.

    Ava is gorgeous. Dogs always add so much joy to life. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Ruth. I am hoping they work well. we will see.
      She really did like the lamb and has been using it. Something special just for her.
      She is adorable, although the cats are not sure that is true. 🙂

  8. As as animal lover, first thing’s first: the puppy is adorable! I’m so envious 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the lambs…

    What a fun idea to use a lamb as a glasses holder.

    As for the dirty water, isn’t it interesting to see how much stuff there really is in our fibre? Certainly not just fluff… I’ve had to wash wool again that I processed before and deemed good, and been horrified at the amount of muck that still came out!

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