Influencing Shape with Prefelt Part 2

Influencing Shape with Prefelt Part 2

I finally got around to trying a different shaped pod using prefelt to influence the shape. My first post creating a seed pod is here. I created this pod in the same way but started with a different shape and cut the prefelt differently. I decided to use a bit brighter color for the inside layer.

I used the same green batt that I had used on my last pod but used a tear drop shaped resist. I covered the resist and felted until it was holding together to make a prefelt.

I then cut a little cap off the top and a diagonal type cut all the way down to the end. The photo on the left shows the “front” side and the photo on the right is the “back” side.

I then took the green prefelt off the resist and covered it with orange wool and wet the orange wool down. Then I put the green prefelt back over top of the orange wool. I wrapped the orange wool around the resist from side to side. Next time, I think I would wrap it from end to end to get a more defined shrinkage but it worked this way too. The orange layer is fairly thin compared to the thicker green prefelt.

I then began felting the two together. I carefully rubbed along all the green edges and worked on getting the edges to stick down to the orange underneath. Once everything was holding together, I removed the resist. Then I fulled the piece and rubbed along the orange lines to get the resulting shape. I fulled it very hard so it would hold its shape easily.

And here’s the result. It does look very much like a seashell but also could be a chili pod or some other sort of veggie pod. These are really fun to make, have you tried this technique yet? Please show us your results over on the forum.


14 thoughts on “Influencing Shape with Prefelt Part 2

  1. It’s definitely a seashell … or maybe it’s a cream horn (who else remembers those?)
    Clear explanation Ruth and lovely result!

  2. That is really nice and clear and it is something I will try eventually. Thanks for showing your process. I also remember cream horns but you’re right would not be a colour you’d like in your cream horn.

    1. Thanks Carol, I hope you give it a try. It’s a fun process that really makes the shape with minimal effort.

  3. Wow, this great Ruth! I’ve been trying to make a seashell recently and failed miserably….this is just the tutorial I needed so thank you so much for sharing, you got a great result!

  4. Great use of prefelt to get the differential shrinkage & well explained Ruth. If you wrapped the orange wool end to end wouldn’t your shrinkage create more of a shortened shell/horn, but slightly wider?

    If anyone, like me, enjoyed this explanation take a peek at Brigitte Funk’s work – ( she makes lots of fun whimsical creatures.

    Mmmm, cream horns – I remember those. I’ll just put green cream horns in with the blue bananas category and say it is mind over matter!

    1. Thanks Antje, yes, it would shorten the pod but I think the indented parts would be accentuated too.

      Blue bananas and green cream horns must be from a parallel universe. 😉

  5. So much potential with this technique Ruth – very interesting to see what you can achieve with different shapes of prefelt.

    I think I’ll steer clear of the discussion on cream horns! 😉

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