Lambing time pictures

Lambing time pictures

Time has slipped past me again and I am not prepared for posting. So since I didn’t do a lambing post his spring I thought you might like to see one from a few years ago. How can you say no to cute lamb pictures.

It is lambing time and we are busy. This post is more pictures than anything else.

quad lambs These are the quadruplets I told you about last week. All of them ended up in he house as their mom didn’t have milk. This was the only shot I could get of all 4 of them. When I tried to get down and take a picture on their level all I could get was a nose shot of one of them.  They are fed with bottles 4 times a day. They went to a new home. A young couple that wanted to start a small flock.

Mom and tripletsThis is a nice set of triplets. One of the black ones is a girl so will probably stay as part of the flock.

mom and twins you looking at me   This lamb is one of 2. You can see the legs of the other one under mom.  He gave me a nice face shot. I love the speckles.

looking at my lambsThis mom was very interested in having her picture taken.

twins I know these look the same but they are not.

hi A future star!

This is the group pen of moms and babies.  They are in the individual pens for a couple of days so we can make sure they are bonded and mom has enough milk.  Then they go into a mixed pen of moms and babies.

group pen

We are about 1/3  of the way through lambing. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

18 thoughts on “Lambing time pictures

  1. Yes👍💕.
    I was very surprised by the multiple births.
    Did they all make it?

  2. You lead a very busy life Ann – not surprised that time has slipped by! Lovely photos.

  3. Ann the pictures are so cute. Have you now finished lambing?
    We live in the UK countryside and have lambs (not to mention calves) all around us, the closest 100m away but the last all lambed about early May. These days some start as early as Jan! I’m not sure where you are, but I suppose our weather is not as severe as yours.

    1. Thanks Antje. We aare finished exept for some late twins last week. We try to lamb the end of may. We have done early lambing before. It’s not fun in the cold. We are out side Ottawa, Canada.

  4. Naked Sheep!! are a good sign there may be wool around! i only have 3 fleeces to wash and cant seem to get time to do that so maybe now is not the time for more sheep offerings!! thanks for the cute pictures Ann! you are so lucky to get to have sheep! oh i have 2 more felting tools in purple for you!!

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