Third Quarter Challenge 2019 – Cityscapes

Third Quarter Challenge 2019 – Cityscapes

This is going to be a real challenge!  We looked for pictures by forum members but cityscapes are as rare as hen’s teeth!

However, we did find this lovely felted picture by Ann (Shepherdess)…


…and Marilyn’s ‘Windy City’ cityscape…


…and here’s a rosiepink cityscape.

Felt and Stitched Sketch of Tower Bridge

Make your cityscape using your favourite felting and fiber technique – or used mixed media – then please show it on The Felting and Fiber Forum

The word ‘cityscape’ brings to mind a view of a large part of a city, but it can be just a small part of a city such as a statue…


or a fountain…


something comical…

something comical

or floral…

flowers in the city

or impressive architecture.


If you choose to depict a large part of a city, will it be day or night?

city at night

Will the view be ground level or from up high?

city from high viewpoint

You could choose a city from history or perhaps part of your city has ancient buildings that still stand.

If you live in a city you might now look at it with new eyes as you consider the possibilities.

Have a look through your holiday photos – all the examples above came from our city trips.

Have fun with this challenge!    Remember that the challenge is not limited to making a picture – a cityscape can feature on clothing, accessories and homeware etc.

14 thoughts on “Third Quarter Challenge 2019 – Cityscapes

  1. This will definitely be a challenge for me. I have tons of photos for inspiration but few of them are of cities. But I will come up with something 🙂

    1. This challenge will take a lot of us out of our comfort zones!

  2. i like the sounds of this one! if i stay away from Venus i should be fine!! i have 2 options leeping to mind immediately!! thanks for the exciting challenge!!

    1. Two options? That’s two more than we have at the moment! Looking forward to seeing your work Jan.

    1. Oh how did we not find that? It’s lovely Marilyn and we’ve amended the post above to show your ‘Windy City’ cityscape.

    1. Thank you Antje – we’re always looking for different ways to use felt!

    1. Interesting point Ann! What is a city?

      It has a different definition depending on where you live. Sometimes it’s the size of population but look at these figures:
      According to Wiki:
      Casselman is a VILLAGE in Ontario, Canada, and has a population of 3,626.
      St. Davids is a CITY in Wales, UK, and has a population of 1,841.

      City status also depends on infrastructure and what powers the governing body has.
      (Until the 19th century in the UK, city status was only granted to towns that had cathedrals.)

      So feel free to interpret ‘cityscape’ with artistic licence. We hope that the challenges inspire – not constrain us.

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