Little Pot is Finished

Little Pot is Finished

As promised here is the finished pot. It did work, as if there was any doubt.  All the problems I had were to do with the size of the pot and me.

The first problem is that I cut the whole in the top much to big. I think it would have been better pot if it had curved in at the top. it is much to open making it more up and down. Part of that is the size of the piece. It is only about 2.5 inches tall. Also I should have to cut the holes sooner  so I can work on the cut edges, or at the end so the edges would be cleaner.

Here are the silk cocoons I put in. I did not position these well so on is to high and one to low. Again the size of the pot limited my options.  The cocoons did work well. They were crushed., but that didn’t really matter. After it was dry I cut open the cocoons and then steamed them to reshape them.  It may have been better to do those sooner so m=perhaps the cut holes could have been made smoother. All in all not a great pot but it  was a good piece to remind me of all thing I really already new but didn’t think about.  I think I will make another one but bigger.


16 thoughts on “Little Pot is Finished

  1. Even with the little things that you weren’t totally happy with, it’s a lovely pot Ann! The colour combo works really well too.
    It’s been interesting to read your progress on this trial piece.

  2. I think it turned out great. Since it’s really just a sample, you got what you needed from it. Always good to have those reminders now instead of in the middle of a larger project. What size are you planning next?

    1. thanks Ruth. yes, it is funny how as you are doing something you think well of course that happened, I knew that. I think maybe a dinner plate sized resist.

  3. i really like the layers on the upper lip. are they sepersatable or are they felted together? vary cool i am looking foreword to taking a closer look in the near future (i hope you bring it for February guild meeting show and tell)

    1. Thanks Jan . they are all separate. I will bring it to the Guild Social on Monday too. Assuming we do not have another major snow and -40 storm.

  4. Love the colours of your cute 2.5in pot Ann. You’ve done remarkably well considering it’s size, I’m so glad it worked out for you. Thank you for sharing your niggles too….they will serve ‘us’ (the readers) well when we try our own multi-pots. A challenge perhaps?
    Looking forward to seeing your dinner plate piece.

  5. Just going over the technique again in my head and I had a thought/question – if you were to wrap the inner layers securely in thin bubble (as well as cling film, or instead of) would it give more wiggle room between the finished layers to independently move the individual pots more?….but then how do you maintain the shape?
    One question leads on to another!

    1. These moved independently I did take it all apart at one point to make sure it was all felted well enough. With it being small there wasn’t much room to maneuver though. If it had been bigger I could have easily cut the outside, then fiddled with the next one, cut the next one and then fiddled with the inside one.

  6. Cute little vessel. It’s great that you tried something, learned from it and shared your learning. Look forward to seeing how you use that learning in your next make.

  7. The colors are great together. I’m amazed you didn’t have any colors run using the white on top. And I’m surprised you made it so small. My hands hurt just thinking about it. Great job!

  8. I really like it, a string of them for decoration would look great, especially with a string of LED lights! “it was a good piece to remind me of all thing I really already knew but didn’t think about.” it’s amazing how often I have that happen!

    1. Thanks Zed. They would look cool strung up with lights in them. I forget stuff all the time. Hopefully I relearn it faster then I learned it the first time.

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