Another pot started

Another pot started

In my last post  I talked about making a pot within a pot ( and Lindsey reminded me of another way of doing so I thought I would give  it a try. She shared a couple of pictures here, about half way down the page. felted pot link

I only made a small one as I didn’t have a lot of time. I made the resist about 4 inches across.

I wanted to make a 3 layer pot.  The first layer is red and not wanting to just do a regular pot I added two silk cocoons.

After both sides were covered in red wool I wrapped it in plastic wrap.

After that I wrapped it in black wool more plastic wrap and then white wool. I have no pictures of those as my battery died in the phone. I rubbed it a while and then popped it in my heatless dryer to tumble and went off to work. That was a few days ago and I finally got back to it a bit this morning. I cut open the first layer.

and then the black and red

I left he plastic wrap on the inner layers and blew up a balloon in side it. I wrapped it up in plastic like a Christmas pudding. and popped it back in to the dryer for more tumbling.

Now I have you all exited, I have to say it’s not done. My studio was freezing this morning so I went back to the house to stay warm. I do not like working in the cold with cold wet wool.  I will have to finish it this week and show you next week.  Enjoy the anticipation. LOL It’s supposed to be the best part, isn’t it?  Were you inspired to give a pot in a pot a try after last weeks post? How did it go?


10 thoughts on “Another pot started

  1. This looks interesting Ann. I always like to see different ways to do the same thing. And I look forward to seeing how those silk cocoons effect the outcome of the pots. I haven’t tried this yet but it looks like fun.

  2. Looking forward to your next post Ann! It’s a good idea to work small when trying something for the first time.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished result, as the technique is interesting. After shrinkage you will have some cute little experimental pots.
    Do I understand correctly that each pot is separate within the next, because it appears each layer of wool has been completely plastic wrapped with no point of attachment?
    Can I assume that the tumbling won’t have flattened the cocoons too much and you are proposing to highlight them some how as they are on the inner layer?
    I hope your next post is soon!

    1. Thanks Antje. yes each layer is separated with plastic with no point of attachment. I am hoping the cocoons will pop back when they are cut open. They still have all their sericin in them so they should dry hard once shaped. I will show you the finished pot in my next blog post.

  4. Ew, the thought of working with cold wet wool in a cold studio is unpleasant! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished pot(s). I did plan on doing something with pods/resists again at the well being centre last week, but didn’t go, so maybe this Monday we’ll try something different.

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