Screen Printed Resists on Fabric and Paper

Screen Printed Resists on Fabric and Paper

My art group met a couple of days ago and our project this time was screen printing on fabric and paper. A mix of screen printing medium and acrylic paint was used to print a ‘resist’ pattern on to the fabric or paper. The screen printing medium we used was Golden brand and you mix half medium and half paint. This can be done with white paint or any color depending on the desired effect. It might work to print on felt but I haven’t tried that. But feel free to experiment 🙂

We mainly used EZ screens that we had made quite a while ago. These screens are made with black and white images that have been printed on transparency film. Once the screens are made, you can re-use them multiple times. With this process, you have to be very careful that the acrylic paint and medium do not dry in the screen or you will ruin the screen.

Here you can see some of the results after screen printing. We only used two colors, white and a deep red. The photo on the left shows the same screen printed on two different types of paper and a piece of fabric. On the left, you can see what the printing looks on already colored fabric.

Here’s a little closer view on white fabric and on colored fabric. Once the acrylic is dry, then you can add color to the fabric or paper. You can use a fiber reactive dye for this process or you can use a thin paint such as Dye-Na-Flow. We used Dye-Na-Flow since it was fewer steps than dyeing.

Here are a few after drying and seeing them a bit closer. I printed on paper so I will be using mine in collages most likely. Hopefully, at some point, I will show you what the rest of the group creates with their printed fabric. As usual, we had a great day and had fun creating together.

If you’re interested in learning more about screen printing, I teach an online class Experimental Screen Printing on Felt. Click on the link for further information.


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  1. It looks like one of those things I’d have to try to understand the process properly, but I like all the pieces that were made 🙂

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