Textured Vessel

Textured Vessel

I’ve mentioned recently that I don’t have the space to do any felting at home at the moment. Well, my last post about Textured Felt reminded me that I don’t need the time/space to do the wet felting part as long as I can do the layout and find the time for stitching. So, a couple of days ago I started to ‘build’ a textured felt vessel. I used all natural wools, animal fibres and embellishments. For the texture scraps between layers, I used some unravelled wool knitting. I don’t know if it’s 100% wool. I found the time to do the layout, stitching and unpicking, but that’s as far as I’ve got so far. I did two ‘regular’ thickness layers on each side and two ‘half layers’, basically 3 layers but split one into 2 for even shrinkage. I didn’t put texture between the two ‘half’ layers. This is the top with a hole cut and the resist taken out:

This is what it looks like when I separate the layers to make it more 3D:

This is how the bottom looks ‘flat’:

And separated/3D:

There is quite a thick ‘edge’, I thought putting the resist on top would show how much, but I’m not sure it’s that obvious:

I used a fine ‘layer’ of raw/unwashed uncombed Huacaya Alpaca beneath the top layer of locks and embellishment fibres. You can see how fluffy it is:

I put lots of locks around the edges:

Here are some Bluefaced Leicester locks:

I still haven’t found time or space to finish off my coiled pot, but since I was taking photos today, I thought I’d get a couple that show the texture. This is the bottom:

And the side:

Hopefully, by my next post, both of these will be finished.

11 thoughts on “Textured Vessel

  1. The textured vessel looks great even without being finished. I like the choice of fiber you used. I’m looking forward to seeing both pots finished.

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂
      I forgot to mention in the post that it was English 56s wool tops for the layers, and the wool locks were some Gotland and Gotland X locks/raw wool, Bluefaced Leicester locks and some Wensleydale locks. I used some Silk noil, bamboo tops, and a silk hankie too.

  2. Love the new textured pot – pretty, natural colours and it seems to be saying “go on, smooth me, you know you want to.”

  3. Love the mix of natural colours and the texture you’ve created. Wow….you’ve used so many fibres, but that’s your thing! Your photos really show the texture of the coil pot well.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do from now with both pots.

    1. Thanks, Antje 🙂
      I thought I was restrained with the fibres! Only because I couldn’t reach some of my other tubs! 🙂

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