An interesting Vessel

An interesting Vessel

I am sure if you are on Facebook you have seen the link to Fiona Duthie’s free online tutorial for a vessel within a vessel.  It is fun to do. I have done it before. It is here if you are interested. They were fairly small pots.

I thought I would do another one just for fun. I decided it should be bigger this time. For the template, I used a wall clock I had that is to good to get rid of, but I don’t use. I am sure you all have things like that around.   To give you an idea of sized it is the typical school or lunchroom clock that is everywhere.

The smaller circle is the one from drawing around the clock. I decided I wanted it a bit bigger so I drew another circle out about 2 inches or 5 cm by hand.

I cut it out leaving a small amount attached to the bigger piece and folded it over to make a second attached circle. I had decided I didn’t want a narrow neck on this one.

Now, you are probably thinking that isn’t very interesting. At least that is what I was thinking. Just to make things more interesting and difficult for myself I decided to add wings in a book resist type of thing. Not satisfied to do that the normal way I decided to make the wings/pages smaller than the rest of the pot.  I used the actual size of the clock.

I also separated the pages so the outside edges ended up halfway between the 2 circles on the main resist. I added 2 pages to each side of the resist.

Next was laying out the fibres. About halfway through one side, I was cursing myself for making things so difficult. The problem, of course, was that I hadn’t done a book resist in a long time and had to figure out how best to do it again.  You can see I add a piece of silk (I think) scarf to the yellow side that will go inside.


The second side when much quicker than the first

That is as far as I got. That was Sunday. My plan is to do the felting tomorrow and maybe the next day depending on how my knees feel about it. I have a tall table which is great for laying out but not as convenient to rub and roll on.  I am going to try to use my tall chair to help with that. I will show you how it turns out for better or worse next time it’s my turn to post. That should be next Wednesday. Have you tried a vessel in a vessel? If not go watch the tutorial and give it a try.

12 thoughts on “An interesting Vessel

  1. It’s great that you’ve pushed yourself to a personal challenge – hope it works out!
    The colours go really well together and so far it’s looking good so fingers crossed and we’re looking forward to seeing the follow up post.

  2. I’m planning on doing this at some point also. I have made vessels that look like they are inside another vessel because I used a resist where I cut the hole. Much easier I think. I am now intrigued to see how yours turn out! 🙂

    1. It is fun to do. lots of different ways to make layered pots. They all look a little different. I am looking forward to seeing how it works out too.

  3. I’ts a great start Ann, I hope it works out as envisioned. Usually when I start adding complexity in the middle, I regret it. Hopefully, that won’t be the case for you. I look forward to your next post. And it’s OK not to feel motivated, take it easy on yourself 🙂

  4. Very interested to see your experiment and, like everyone else, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

    I did some vessels within vessels by putting cling film between layers which was pretty straight forward though they were smaller than this.

    As for lacking inspiration, I know exactly what you mean. I’m grateful to have a long-neglected garden that’s keeping me busy as I’m doing very little felting.

    1. Thanks Lindsay. I did that last year too after you mentioned it. This one should be interesting. I have done a lot of cleaning not that anyone who didn’t live here would notice. LOL

  5. Ann as always i am intreged and cant wate to see what happens next!! will you be pulling fins out of the slits in the outer layer?

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