Nuno Felting Landscapes

Nuno Felting Landscapes

I have started creating some nuno felted landscapes so that when the world returns to “normal”, I will have work that I can take to different galleries to sell. These are created with hand dyed silk (5 mm) and white merino prefelt. Some of the silk I used this time was dyed by my friend Paula Rindal. She gave me her silk when she decided to stop felting. Thanks Paula!

This is one of the pieces of silk from Paula. I see an autumn landscape developing from this piece. I don’t always have a plan in mind until after these are felted. Then I look at the piece from all angles and decide what I “see” in the piece. Then I progress from there. This one I am planning on hand stitching.

This piece was one of my hand dyed pieces of silk. I haven’t quite decided on this one yet but it might be mountains in the distance with Montana wildflowers in the foreground. I might use a combination of machine and hand stitching.

Again, another one of my hand dyed pieces of silk. I think this might be a lake with mountains in the distance, perhaps machine stitched?

This last one I based on a photo I took of the Whitefish river. I laid the pieces out based on the photo and then it will be all machine stitched. You can see I have started by adding background trees. I forgot to take a photo of this one before I started stitching.

So what do you see in these? It’s always interesting to me that people see different things in an abstract background. What would you create out of the top three backgrounds? I will be showing you the progression of each of these as I work through them but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

13 thoughts on “Nuno Felting Landscapes

  1. The Whitefish River is already looking good!
    The first piece is autumnal and is also reminiscent of American Indian beading.
    The second piece is sunset and would be good with mountains and flowers.
    The third piece is sunrise and definitely has a foreground, middle and far distance so yes to the mountain and lake.

  2. They’re all looking lovely. I pretty much agree with Lyn. For the sunset one it would be good to have the sunset reflected in water in the foreground.

  3. Hi Ruth, as I’m commenting from Australia, my views are perhaps unusual, but you have given us pause for thought in these uncertain times (thank-you,) so here goes:
    In the first, I can see toadstool crowns or fireworks, something full of colour and maybe action.
    The second has beautiful rich, eastern mystique colours. Embroidery and beads sound great!
    The third reminds me of a sunset, with a golden sun appearing one third up.
    I think each artist has to relate to their work so these are simply what I see, not suggestions.
    Look forward to seeing how they emerge.

    1. Thanks Helen for your thoughts. It’s interesting to hear your perspective from the other side of the world. I will keep you posted on how they each progress.

  4. Some interesting pieces Ruth. the first one makes me think of dom roc/fossil formations I have seen. I think they were tree fossils in high iron content rock or some of the shelf fungus that grows on trees. the red one I am not suer maybe just a nice background for some pattern stitching with beads and shisha mirrors. the third orange one definitely has that sunrise/set feel. Water, forest and then the sky.
    The one you are working on is very interesting. I am not good at abstracts and wouldn’t have ended up with water.

    1. Thanks Ann, I hadn’t thought of fossil formations but I can see that now that you have suggested it. Abstraction isn’t easy for me either.

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