What I am working on.

What I am working on.

A while back I showed you some multi coloured batts I made from all my leftover bits.  I felted 2 of them with the intent of making some tablet and ereader covers. I haven’t made the covers yet but I have felted them. I only have a picture of one.

blue/green batt before felting
Blue green batt felted up.

I also made this nuno piece. I didn’t like the blue wool much and its been hanging around a while. It was wool dyed to exhaust a dye bath. so I put this nice piece of  to colour silk on top and nuno felted it. I think it will make a nice bag.

Before felting
After Felting
Close up of texture.

I will be going to a medieval fair later this summer. one thing they need is a way to hide their modern electronics but stay in costume. one traditional piece that they can ware is a belt pouch. I am working on making them. I sewed them with my machine but to make them look period correct I need to add stitching to cover that up the machine stitches and I want them to be strong and not stretch out of shape if people over fill them.

Group of belt pouches.
This is the back where you can see the slits for your belt and the stitching to hide the modern sewing machine stitches.

9 thoughts on “What I am working on.

  1. Thanks Ruth. They are fun. the small one that is in the close up will hold a camera and some cash or a debit card. If you put your cell phone in it then it will hold quite a bit more. I hope they will be popular.

  2. The batts looks really nice felted up Ann, did you felt them as a whole batt or add another layer of something, I always think you need to add another layer for it to felt well. I love the belt pouches they’ll be perfect for anyone’s medieval costume, hope you take lots of pics of that fair 🙂

  3. The blue green batt looks even lovelier felted up and the nuno piece has wonderful texture.

    The medieval belt pouches are just right for the costumes but isn’t it funny that although they look medieval, they also look up-to-date and very fashionable!

  4. Thanks Karen, the blue green batt was very thick so I split it in half. I did have to ajust some bits around to make it even. I did the orange one too and used the whole batt. it depends on how much wool is in them. I will try to remember to weigh them to she how much wool is in each. I hope I take lots of pictures at the fair too. I have to make my costume yet. Its not until July.

  5. Thanks Lyn. The pouches do look modern don’t they, I hope they will appeal to people other then fair reenactors.

  6. Love that blue, green mix before and after felting. It has a landscape or garden feel to it.
    I also agree that the belt pouches will appeal to many other than the fair reenactors. Especially knowing that a cell phone can easily fit in it! Handy and all natural sustainable fibre, locally hand made and designed that won’t be available at Walmart!!

  7. The batt looks gorgeous felted, Ann 🙂
    I like the texture of the nuno felted piece that worked out really well. And the medieval pouches are a genius idea 🙂 They look really good, too.

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