Felting Around the Web

Felting Around the Web

The Trouble With Crafting’s Post about Embroidery Basics

Making a Beaded Tassel by Shawkl

RosiePink’s Repurposed Felt


Ruth O’Leary’s Stitched Nautilus Shell




More of Jana’s felted notebook/calendar covers

Rainbow Acorn Color Wheel by lilfishstudios

Deborah’s Petroglyph Wall Hanging

Arlene’s Blue Nuno Felt Wall Hanging

Loco Lindy’s High Tech/Low Tech I-pad Cover

How to Make a Stealth Witch Hat by Frances Barker

Flextile’s Indigo Dyeing

Jana’s Egg Dyeing

4 thoughts on “Felting Around the Web

  1. Thank you Ruth – I’ve enjoyed reading this wonderful selection today and most of it was new to me, so I’m very glad you shared the links.

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