Not quite a pod !

Not quite a pod !


Well I thought since everyone else was making those bird pods that I’d have a go to

 Ha,  it didn’t exactly turn out like one so  I thought I’d try something else,  this is what it started out like.

A little bit too pink for a start, I used a fibre batt that I made a while ago that was a merino blended with border leister   and also some sari silk added it. It reminds me of a pink Hogwarts hat lol  , hours of rubbing and rolling I ended up putting it in the dryer for ½ hour or so and I cant quite get all the wrinkles out.  I must be the only one that ends up with crinkly felt lol   it is nice and strong so that’s on the plus side for me but I also realized pretty quickly that I cut the resist out in the wrong shape, I wasn’t really thinking of the bottom, just the top so that’s why, to me, it looks more like a hat than a pod.


So as I was wondering  what I could do with it  I made up some flowers and stems ( these are probably my best flowers so far)  I think I’ve finally got the hang of which way to rub while trying to stay in shape.

 I was thinking  I’d just add them in when of course I knew that it needed a door and a little secrecy!

shhhhhhh   you know Fairies don’t like to be seen but for once I was ready and waiting,  your  not quicker than me little fairy, although he almost made it

 but just not quite

 I ended up having some fun with this and I might add some more smaller flowers ,  its been a while since I’ve pick up my felting needles and just making the fingers was great !!

I hope your all having some fun to 🙂

18 thoughts on “Not quite a pod !

  1. WOW, that’s great. I love what you did with it. What a great way to attract fairies. :O) I make wrinkly felt all the time, I just iron it.

  2. You really rescued it Karen and the little fingers add a lovely humour to the piece. Just goes to prove there are no mistakes in felting.

  3. That’s great Kaz 🙂
    Really made me smile 🙂

    I know I leave my resist in too long and they’ve been a bit flatter than I wanted, but it’s all fun!

  4. How funny. The fingers are a great surprise!
    I thought, oh what a nice little house for a gnome that would be…
    then I saw it is already occupied. 🙂

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