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Tree of life

Tree of life

This a wet felting work, one of my favourites, it was made for customer order. I loved to combine the natural colours. All of these colours are hand-dyed.

First I made the design with wool pencil roving and then filled it in with wet wool. After that, I covered it with 3 layers of wool and with the rolling technique finished the wallhanging.

This tree is reflecting our “road” in life, how we evolve and how we manage to handle challenges, day by day…

It was a great project, with a lot of work but it was a lot of fun, with exciting minutes during the felting progress.

“Gates” Wet Felted Wall Hanging (red and white)

“Gates” Wet Felted Wall Hanging (red and white)

The story of these wall hangings started when I decided to take part in an exhibition. I wanted to create something with an ancient design but I wanted it to be integrated into our lifestyle and modern times.

So I decided to make a wall hanging with a gates design. Everyone has gates in his/her life. We have to go through them with a lot of work but finally we succeed. We can talk about emotional gates too, these are often difficult to manage in our life.

First I made the white one, I chose more natural colours.

The design is cut from prefelt and than covered with 3 layers of wool. 

I used a rolling technique , I worked about 4 days, but I loved every minute.

After a while I decided to try this design with other colours, same design with few changes, but the same inspiration . I like both wall hangings🙂

Wet felted wallhanging

Wet felted wallhanging

This is a wet felted wall hanging, it was made for a customer order. She wanted something modern but with not too many colours.

So I started with wool yarn to make the design.

As I started the process, I was inspired and I knew it will look great.

Than I filled with wet coloured wool and than covered with layers of wool.

The felting process take about 3 days of hard work for me.

The customer was very pleased. I hope you enjoy my work!

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