Felted Wall Hangings (in pairs)

Felted Wall Hangings (in pairs)

These wall hangings were made for a customer order. The idea was to be something modern but inspired from archaic motifs. I love the central Asian motifs, so I decided to use these curves in different ways. I used the wet felting technique, first the design with pencil roving, then the coloured wool and finally the 3 layers of wool. With lot of rolling and work I finished these wall hangings.


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  1. Lovely , I am sure they are pleased. I love swirls and spirals. I know the pencil roving is wet but are you putting dry wool in and then wetting it right away? I notice it all seems wet in the progress pictures.

  2. Hi ! Gorgeous work! Are you putting the pencil roving direct on the plastic bubble, then inserting the wet-fiber colors , then adding three layers of the off white on the whole thing? Do you get a lot of migration of the light color coming through to your design? I am excited to try this technique!

  3. I have always wondered how this method of felting was done. Thank you for describing the process, and answering the previous questions. I will someday have to give it a try.

  4. That is just fab! I love Ildi’s fantastic designs and your panels are just beautiful. I’d like to try doing this but it feels way out of my reach. Any tips you have would be really appreciated!

    1. Thank you,I have a video tutorial with this technique, if you are intrested ,write me

    2. I have a tutorial with this technique, 28$,but first you can watch the demo on my YouTube channel

  5. very nice! I see that it looks like you bound off all around the pieces and have some sort of hanging loops sewn in. Nice idea. Do you find that the white wool migrates through your colors much?

  6. These are incredible! I’ve never seen the process done this way – I always do the background first and then do the work on top of that. Love the use of the pencil roving! I see you have a video demo. I would enjoy viewing that! Please tell me how to see it.

    1. Please write me on my email:ildinemez@gmail.com, I will write you the details about the video

  7. Lovely work Ildi, I love the curves and mirror imaging on the pieces. May I ask how you stop the three background layers affecting your top layer colour.

  8. Das ist sehr schön geworden! Ich habe die Technik im Winter in einem Kurs gelernt und weiß jetzt, dass das Auslegen dieser Muster sehr viel Arbeit ist. Aber es lohnt sich!

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