“Gates” Wet Felted Wall Hanging (red and white)

“Gates” Wet Felted Wall Hanging (red and white)

The story of these wall hangings started when I decided to take part in an exhibition. I wanted to create something with an ancient design but I wanted it to be integrated into our lifestyle and modern times.

So I decided to make a wall hanging with a gates design. Everyone has gates in his/her life. We have to go through them with a lot of work but finally we succeed. We can talk about emotional gates too, these are often difficult to manage in our life.

First I made the white one, I chose more natural colours.

The design is cut from prefelt and than covered with 3 layers of wool. 

I used a rolling technique , I worked about 4 days, but I loved every minute.

After a while I decided to try this design with other colours, same design with few changes, but the same inspiration . I like both wall hangings🙂

15 thoughts on ““Gates” Wet Felted Wall Hanging (red and white)

  1. Absolutely beautiful! The hangings are gorgeous and definitely worth all the work. I love the gates motif and the way you’ve integrated a traditional idea with something that will look great in a modern home too.

  2. I love your technique. You may recall that Lyn did something like it in her 2nd quarter challenge project. Having seen that I decided that I’d have a go too, but fell by the wayside when I managed to get the wrong sort of baking parchment to iron on the pattern for the pieces. I now have some proper freezer paper and, having seen your work here, I’m determined to finish my project, especially now that the weather’s cooled down here and I can get back into my workshop, which is part of the conservatory.
    Thank you for getting me going again.

  3. I love how they are all the same but different. I have a question, on the second one did you fill in the yellow gates with more yellow batting? on the first one it didn’t look like you left the spaces. They look thick enough to use as rugs. I think I will have to give this method a try this summer. One more thing for the list. 🙂

  4. I love your gates design Ildi! I agree with Lindsay in that they feel like a traditional, ancient pattern but would fit wonderfully in a modern home. The white one is my favorite as it has more contrast and really shows off the pattern.

  5. Ildi, I love your design – traditional, folk art & yet contemporary – suitable for any modern interior.
    They are huge wall hangings so you must have been exhausted with all the work 🤪 What does each hanging weigh now that they are dry? Wet, they must have needed an elephant to move!

    Where are you based – in the States or elsewhere?

    1. Hi,thank you,I don’t know they weigh,I already sold these,🙂,I live in Europe, Romania, Transylvania

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