Felted scarves

Felted scarves

When I’m felting scarves, I’m trying to play with colours in such a way as nature is changing around us. I love the colours of autumn, spring, summer and the innocence of white winter. It’s important for me that every part of the scarf, fiber, wool, silk and gauze, at the end of the felting process, become colourful art. For the base I usually use hand dyed gauze and silk, and on the top Australian merino wool and wool yarn. After I finish the design, I use the rolling technique. For me it’s a pleasure to felt scarves and I recommend that everyone try!

14 thoughts on “Felted scarves

  1. These are absolutely beautiful, I love both the designs and the colour combinations you’ve used. Gorgeous!!

  2. Gosh – so many scarves! Can I ask: do you use one large piece of gauze or silk for the backing or several pieces? Couldn’t see if it was the wool giving the different colours to the background or the fabric. Also – do you roll more than one scarf at a time? Has anyone tried rolling, say, two up together and rolling them, turning over each time as well as rolling from the other end? Thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful scarves, Ildi! I can see how the seasons have inspired your color palette. The patterns are wonderful and look very organic as well.

  4. Ildi your scarves are beautiful and you can definitely see the influence of the seasons.
    Your style is unique a fact appreciated by your customers I’m sure.

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