Continuing on the Cane Dragon

Continuing on the Cane Dragon

After I had written my last blog, I headed back to Oakville to help with my Mother-in-Law who has not been well. It was very busy with lots of appointments and I tried to work on a bit of felting in moments of quiet.

When you last saw the little dragon, I had augmented the wire on the legs, arms, hands and feet. Then started from the tail to add the under colour.

1,  the tail from the last post

I was using a small amount of black, a bit of dark grey and larger amounts of Indigo. Since you don’t usually see solid colours in nature, I did not blend to a uniform new colour but left bits of each tone visible.

My goal was to give me a general base colour to work from and lay in the spinal fringe. I think I will be augmenting that with some silk but after I have created the wings.

2-3, adding the base layer of colour standing on my old laptop.

As I would go off to help with something then come back intermittently to work on the little guy, I discovered that blue cane dragons have an odd interest in Orange dark chocolate.  He had obviously spotted it in the glass dish. I had used the box holding the delicious chocolate as a ruler while making partitions in lists. I just put it in the glass dish so it would not be lost in all the papers with notes on the table.

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4 -9, the great Chocolate heist

His obvious joy at running off with the chocolate was quickly thwarted with the realization that I had not made fingers appropriate for extracting the chocolate out of the box!!

10 Not having teeth is also an issue.

11, so close but yet so far

I continued to work on the face adding an upper lip, background for the eye area and nostrils.

12, adding more detail to the face

My husband and I took a quick run to a couple of the local computer stores to look for a new laptop since I was to stay for a bit longer and he would be heading home. We found one and brought it back.

13-14, the new laptop

15, the new laptop has problems

Here he is checking out my new laptop. It was fabulous for about 4 days then developed strange pixelation problems in the screen…. It was such a nice clicky keyboard too!! Back to felting, You can see I am starting to add the colour in the mouth, but still no teeth. it may be safer if he doesn’t have teeth.

16 – 17, mouth colour added as well as fringe

You may have noticed the fringe, at the ankle and wrist/forearm, has been added. The next step was to start the wisps of grey in a tone similar to the mandible for the front of the neck, belly and under the tail.

18, adding the grey wisps

By this time one of my Brothers-in-law had arrived and it was time for me to head home for a bit. I will be focusing next on the wing membranes since I suspect that will determine some of the body highlights. However, that will be another post, since we will be heading back to southern Ontario Soon.

Is it October? It feels like the end of August in Southern Ontario.  A couple of quick shots for you to enjoy and hopefully inspire new colour pallets, felt pictures, or sculptures.


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19 – 22,  End of August weather in October?  A few shots from Oakville.

I hope you are also enjoying strangely nice weather for what the calendar clearly says is October. If you are having our normal October, it’s OK, you can keep it, we really don’t want it back!! Maybe I should try to quickly wash one more fleece before we wake up to snow?

Happy Felting!!





19 thoughts on “Continuing on the Cane Dragon

  1. I have this sudden craving for orange chocolate – don’t know why.

    Dragon is coming along nicely and he has a sweet face but that could change when you add the teeth.

    So frustrating when new stuff is faulty. There’s a lot of that happening here and we reckon because firms are trimming expenses quality control staff are easy to lose.

    1. i had strange cravings for the dark chocklet with orange too!! i packed it just outside the clear plastic box i had Dragon in. (see but not touch!! – i am vary crule!) i had planned to finish the wings with My Mother in law this weekend but she did not wate for me to return. i will have to finish them on my own.

      this is the new- new laptop, now its an HP i have lost one USB port but gained a much better graphics card and a SD port. lets see if it last more than 4 days!

  2. Another fun post Jan. Did you give the poor little guy any chocolate in the end? I’m sure he could suck it even if he couldn’t crunch it.
    Looking forward to your next.

    1. Dragon has not indulge in the chocklet yet! but maybe when he gets teeth and wings he can have some. (needles in the gums need some sort of solace for enduring the pain)
      i hope to get a chance at some point today to work on wings but there seems a lot to do here.

  3. Are we talking he or she Jan given dragon’s interest in chocolate (which looks yummy by the way). When I first saw the choccy I thought it might be your mobile phone. Now I can’t get it out of my head that choccy could be used as a training tool for dragon to mind your phone (and not eat it). Dragon is looking tremendous.
    Sorry to hear about the laptop. There are lemons in every batch output. With me it was my new car. Catastrophic engine failure as I drove it one day. Hours before I had it in the fast lane on a motorway. Wasn’t I a lucky bunny.

    1. i had thot maybe He but givein the insistance and determintion i think posibly She? we may know more when the wings develope. yes i think you are correct about chocolet for a training tool! (as long as i dont eat it first!!)

      the new laptop is not a mettle case but seems to be going along fine now i have it set up. it took a long time thinking befor it would log me in here (felting may be new to it). this new one lost a USB port but gained an SD card slot and a much better graphics card.
      laptop lemons are not as dangerous as Car Lemmons!!! i am so glad you were safely not in the fast lane when the catastrophic hart sezure happend!!

  4. I’m loving watching Dragon take shape and his/her antics with the chocolate. I’m wondering if your husband isn’t a fan of dark chocolate? Mark would have wrestled Dragon to the ground if he/she came anywhere near his stash!!

    1. i too am enjoying watching as Dragon becomes.
      i sm very lucky Glenn dose not understand the wonders of dark chockolet!! he like white or rely creemy milk chocklet. Dragon seems rather insistant that Dark Chockolet with orange is the correct food for growing dragons. there may have to be a tremendus battle to determan the final holder of the Chockolet or i could just by a cuple more bars and we can all shair?

  5. I think that dragon might be a long lost cousin of mine, judging by the chocolate craving (orange, yum!) Are you sure you want to add teeth? It’ll mean competition on the eating front and I’m not sure a fire breather is the best nemesis to have… unless chocolate fondue is in your plans 😀

    1. OHH your Cousin? did you get the chockolet melting family abilitys?? i had not considered the added danger of adding teeth the i was hoeping the fire breathing abilitys mite be a late development. there is marrit in not having such strong compation for the goodness of dark chocket. i will have to reflect on this.

    1. Thanks Ruth! the photography around my inlaws house is often good but this fall had a few realy nice shots, the bird feeders have also been very active.
      Unfortnatly we lost my MIL friday urly in the morining pesefully in her sleep. we arived that evening so i didnt get to sit with her and finish dragons wings as i had hoped. so far today its been bissy but i hope i can work on them while were here. she was 94 and had lost her 95 year old husbsnd in august. they were married 76 years and had 5 sons. she was a wonderful mother in law and will be greatly missed.

  6. Dragon is coming along nicely and for some reason I think of it as he. I don’t know why, when the females of the species are by fare the fiercer and more cunning. LOL

    1. thanks Ann, i too thot that Dragon Mite be Mail but i am starting to suspect he is a girl from the sheer deternination to get that chockolet.

    1. thanks!! i will have to scold Dragon for creating this sudden craveing for Dark chockolet with orange!! i hope there is not a problem with shortages!!!

  7. Perhaps Dragon is neither he nor she but they, as I believe non-binary people are now calling themselves. It might account for why we have different ideas about it’s (sorry their) gender?

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