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Felted scarves

Felted scarves

When I’m felting scarves, I’m trying to play with colours in such a way as nature is changing around us. I love the colours of autumn, spring, summer and the innocence of white winter. It’s important for me that every part of the scarf, fiber, wool, silk and gauze, at the end of the felting process, become colourful art. For the base I usually use hand dyed gauze and silk, and on the top Australian merino wool and wool yarn. After I finish the design, I use the rolling technique. For me it’s a pleasure to felt scarves and I recommend that everyone try!


Nuno Samples For Scarves

Nuno Samples For Scarves

We’re making scarves at the well-being centre. To practise, I took in some strips of scrim, some fine 18.5 mic Merino and some scarf samples made with the scrim and wool. These are the scarf samples:

The top one has a fine, narrow strip of wool all the way around; some random narrow strips and a few ‘blobs’ of blue:

The second one down has a simple grid pattern made from fine, narrow strips:

The middle piece has two fine layers (1 horizontal, 1 vertical) of wool tops:

The fourth one down had resist strips placed along the scrim, then two fine layers of wool, and embellished with some very shiny cellulose fibre I got in a bag of Botany lap waste-it’s different to any others I’ve got, but closest to viscose, so from what WoW sold at the time, I’m guessing it is Tencel:

The bottom piece has a fine, narrow strip of wool all around and through the centre, and has wool in the same position on the back of the piece. It’s the only one which does. I also fulled the middle more than the outside, so the edges waved:

The last orange one at the side has flowers in the middle made from the same 18.5 mic Merino, and leaves at each corner, it also has leaves on the back at each corner:

And for something a bit different, I made a demo scarf using dyed, irregular pieces of scrim as a base This is the scrim side:

And the wool side, also using 18.5 mic Merino, and embellished with viscose:

Our freak early Autumn warm weather was over as soon as it appeared, so it looks like we’ll be needing scarves soon!

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