20 thoughts on “Modern Art Wallhanging

  1. Lovely work again. I agree with Ruth about the asymmetrical design. It gives a very different feeling to the symmetrical.
    Can I ask, do you wet the coloured wool before you lay it out in the design, as you do with the outline fibres? If so, is it very difficult to get the fibres to obey you?
    A felt maker in our town makes her designs with wet fibres (without the outlines) and I’ve never dared try it. Whenever I handle fibres with wet hands the fibres stick to me so I’ve always wondered if this happens with wet fibres too.

    1. Gosh, that’s coarse. What breed of sheep is it from? Does it take a lot of work to get it to felt?

    1. Thank you, I don’t have enough knowledge for online workshop😔,I’m not the master of technique

  2. Beautiful work and elegant design. I look forward to hearing answers to questions about handling wet felt. Thank you for sharing.

  3. When you say you used 3 layers of wool do you mean it’s the thickness of 3 layers or did you do it 3 times?

  4. This is just brilliant! Maybe someone could help you do a pdf of all the steps? I would buy it. I want to do this so bad!! Thanks

  5. Ildi, this is just ‘wow’. I love the colours & design.
    It looks to be a large work? How long does it take you to lay out the design 3 times & then felt it?

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