Felted slippers with leather soles

Felted slippers with leather soles

Hi, I want to show you my favourite slippers made for custom orders. They where made with a lot of work, the leather sole was sewed by hand.

I made slippers for my family, we love them, they are warm and comfortable.

If you are interested, I have a tutorial with slippers, (with cost), has no text, just video, but I can tell you that everyone managed to make slippers after they watched this. This link is to a YouTube trailer with Ildi’s contact information at the end if you would like to contact her about the tutorial. 

Merry Christmas to all of you!

12 thoughts on “Felted slippers with leather soles

  1. I have made slippers before but I’ve never been able to get hold of suitable soles. Do you have a link to your tutorial details please Ildi?

    1. You can watch a short promo on my YouTube channel, and if you are intrested, than write me on Messenger,thanks

    2. When I needed leather for something I went to the second-hand store. I bought leather pants in the small part of the pants section. They always seem to have some. I guess everyone outgrows size 1 pants.

  2. A lot of work Ildi, & so very you in style. I’m sure everyone will be delighted to receive & wear them knowing the effort, skill & love you have put in.

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