Felted bags

Felted bags

I love to felt bags because I think the size, model or colour of the bag is representative of us. My bag is one of my best friends because she is with me all day long. I will show you some pieces, all of them were made for custom orders. After the bag is felted I use leather and embroidery to create something different and beautiful, my style.

14 thoughts on “Felted bags

  1. I love these bags, they are so gorgeous. I love all the different designs, it’s hard to choose a favourite!

  2. I love the designs on your bags, and also the color combinations you have used that compliment each other. They are inspiring.

  3. Wow Ildi what a wonderful collection of bags, I can’t begin to choose a favourite. I immediately knew they were yours.

    What wool do you use, and do you dye the fibre yourself to get the beautiful colours?

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