Tree of life

Tree of life

This a wet felting work, one of my favourites, it was made for customer order. I loved to combine the natural colours. All of these colours are hand-dyed.

First I made the design with wool pencil roving and then filled it in with wet wool. After that, I covered it with 3 layers of wool and with the rolling technique finished the wallhanging.

This tree is reflecting our “road” in life, how we evolve and how we manage to handle challenges, day by day…

It was a great project, with a lot of work but it was a lot of fun, with exciting minutes during the felting progress.

22 thoughts on “Tree of life

  1. I really love your work. So precise and “clean”.
    I had the same thought as Lyn, how on earth did you reach the middle of this piece? It made my back ache just to thing about it.

  2. Wow – again! Your work is so beautiful. The designs are always beautifully thought out and – precise! Thiis another stunner. I echo the others about the work hard work that went into this – to beautiful result.

  3. Very nice color and design. Have been looking for black fine/thin yarn or pre-yarn for outline detail in my felting. Do you mine sharing where you get yours?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Janet I just read your question. DHG Italy stocks the pencil roving in two sizes. It’s the PIUMA range (you will find it under yarns on the site) and it comes in a variety of colours. Thank you to Nancy Shafee for directing me to their site when I raised the same query. 🙂

  4. Such lovely work! I have admired your pieces and how you get strong straight lines. Not sure how you achieve the precise lines…my lines always seem to come out wavy when I try this technique. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  5. Love the tree of life and it is definitely tons of work having done only a small piece in this method I know it’s a long layout time.

  6. I love this Ildi! Your precision is amazing and I have no doubt your client must be thrilled to have this hanging on their wall.

  7. I absolutely love this. Tree of life is one of my favourites, and the colours and design you’ve done are so beautiful. Fantastic!!!

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